I despise the Bush Administration

Always have. Well, that pretty much sums it up. That and the fact that I use my head for something more than a hatrack.

I think Colin Powell and Alan Greenspan made the right moves.

I think Canada should be next.

Who’s with me?

So anyone who disagrees with this assertion doesn’t use their brain?


You disagree with the assertion that Chefguy doesn’t like the Bush administration? Guess you might still have a brain, but you haven’t been very observant when reading his posts.

And Alan Greenspan is an over-rated hack who doesn’t deserve to clean Volcker’s shoes. I ain’t crazy about Powell either.

Parody Thread.

Reeder? Is that you?

Chefguy, why do you love America?

Oh. Well there you go.

If people are allowed to express dissent against their leaders, then the terrorists have already won!

I, for one, welcome our overlord from Hades.

Hey, he’s a nice guy, really. Always willing to let you into his office for a little chat and light flagellation. Just don’t eat the pomegranates.

As long as you don’t like the Maple Leafs (stupid brain keeps wanting to write “Maple Leaves”), I with ya all the way.

Is that how the French pronounce ‘Ottawa’?

See, this thread is an example of what happens when you play baseball with a helmet.

Nah. First, finish Iraq. Then Iran. Then Canada. Unless North Korea gets too frisky. And Venezuela might need a bitch-slappin’ as well. I’m not too fond of Burkina Faso, either.

Things to do. Things to do.


Sure there’s a lot of shit to contend with and sometimes it seems as if there’s no solution and it’s never going to end.
Funny thing - I could make the same posting in the “How To Fix A Toilet” topic. :smiley:

I hear The Federated States of Micronesia are nice this time of year.

They love us for our micro-beers

You misspelled hat trick.

I’m confused. Since this is a parody thread, am I not supposed to return to it ever, like the tro…fellow Doper in the parodied thread, or am I supposed to post to it every thirty seconds as part of the parody?

You made it.
And now it is your personal Cross of Gold.
You are doomed Chefguy, DOOMED!