I Didn't Do It!

You can’t prove that I did it. I wasn’t even in that part of town last night.

Lots of people wear size 9 Merrell sandals.

It means nothing that “Property of Fiver” was in mirror-image in the footprints.

So fucking what if strands of my hair were found at the scene? Ever hear of wind?

So, to sum up: I was framed!

Robert Blake? Is that you?

For the right price, I can not have seen you do it.

For the right price, I can make 12 idiots actually buy your version of the “truth”

Mr. Cochran? Is that you?

Furthermore, it’s none of anyone’s business how my shirt got stained with all this dye, and it’s pure coincidence that its color matches the dye found on objects at the scene.

I resent these scurrilous accusations, and I won’t stand for them. Won’t stand for them, do you hear?

Merrell shoes are the best. I wear their clogs. I’m needing a new pair of cross-trainers and I’ve been considering switching to Merrell from New Balance. Have you tried their cross-trainers?
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