I didn't think this was possible.

I just got a rather nasty papercut.

From cardboard.

Cardboard cuts HURT. They suck. I know, because I’ve received a few. :o

What kind of cardboard? Like heavyweight corrugated type cardboard? Or more like posterboard? Manila folders are my personal nemesis.

I meant thissort of cardboard.

Paper cuts related. I had a friend who got his eyeball cut by a piece of paper.

We were all worried, but he came through with his vision intact.

Heh…cardboard can give vicious, saw-like cuts, especially if you’ve just freshly sliced it with a boxcutter or other thin blade. It also leaves annoying little bits of fiber in the wound, so make sure you flush it vigorously before bandaging it.


I used to work retail, which means unpacking shipments and such - cardboard cuts are awful and constant. You can get a damned deep cut from a cardboard box.

Cardboard is bad, almost evil. As a former picture framer I’ve been cut by the inside, beveled edge of mats, and by glass, and by dull razor blades. The only thing worse than a cardboard cut are invisible glass splinters.

I once got a deep, bloody, flapping papercut…

From corn on the cob. Well, from the husk.

When it comes to cardboard cuts I might have you all beat - I work in a corrugated box factory.

My hands have toughened up a lot, but I still get cuts rather frequently.

My two least favorite papercuts are from cardboard and masonite. When dealing with those two types, I’m not at all averse to wearing gloves and welding leathers to prevent cuts.

I take back my OP. You win.

The corrugated cardboard is bad enough. The brown tape with adhesive that gets whetted and sealed across the flaps is the worst. Never slide a body part against it’s side it when it’s totally dry, because it cuts like a razor.

I used to get cuts like that all the time when I unloaded a truck for a retail store. The worst is when you have cardboard cuts and no skin keft on your fingertips from putting hundreds of price stickers on what comes in the boxes.

I was horribly embarassed the other day to have gotten a paper cut opening this.

We use these Marble Look platters at work for catering, they give really really nasty cuts. Ya know those cuts you get from time to time that are somewhat deep but the cut is so clean you don’t even realize it happened until you see the blood, those kinds of cuts. Youch, they hurt like hell.

Christmas Eve, I got a gaping bleeding slashed open wound from opening a white cardboard shirt box from Penneys. Whom do I sue?

Paper cuts suck. New file folder cuts are my personal nemesis; they are painful and can be deep as well as unexpected. However, having to do lots of mailouts in my current administrative position, I now have to be very wary of getting paper cuts from envelopes on my lips and/or tongue. Yes, I know I should use a moistener thing, but honestly, I’m much faster licking and sealing the old-fashioned way. Papercuts on the lips, they suck muchly.

Office work is dangerous.

This one time, I got cut by dental floss, a yogurt container, and a microwave. All in the same week.

A couple of weeks ago I got a paper cut first thing in the morning from taking my package of instant oatmeal out of the box - sliced me up real good. I did not expect that.