I do declare...

…that I have the worst post-count to reg-date ratio ever. Indeed I paid the 15 dollars merely to maintain it. And I will do it again as I am mad.
I dare anyone to beat it.

Careful about announcing these things. You’re count is still easily low enough for an initiation ceremony/torture.

If/when I register on this here board, I’m completely getting on board with the strategy of avoiding MPSIMS for the first few posts.

Okay, hijack over. You may continue.

Aw. come on.
You remember how much trouble we got into with the SPCA about the goat last time.

Who cares, now that we have the RoboGoat?

Oh Haaaaal!

Oh sure, run afoul of the SPCMEM.*

*Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Machines with the Exception of Macs

Hmm. I often thought I had the worst. I started lurking in 1998, but didn’t join right away.

RoboGoatse.cx? :eek:

Well, anyone with a post count under a hundred automatically gets a closer look…

[sub]What’s Steve doing?

:: indistinct reply ::

With the goat? Ewww. How is that even possible![/sub]