I don't even know what Trump is talking about any more

I follow the news and the President’s tweets moderately closely, with some time off here and there for mental relief. They used to make some sense. “Witch hunt”–okay, I disagree, but I understand what he’s talking about. “Lyin’ James Comey”–okay, I know what he means.

But now he’s blathering about 17 Angry Democrats and some lawyer whose trial win was reversed by the Supreme Court. Is this all Fox News stuff I don’t get because I don’t watch the channel? Or does this all originate with Trump (and then, I assume, get repeated on Fox)?

Fox, and Hannity in particular, directs his narrative. He has likely never had an original thought.

In fairness, he’s never really made any sense.

Did you hear Trump talking about climate change? It was incoherent.

I am never surprised anymore. Any thing may come out of his mouth at any time. He’s an imbecile. Right now he’s being backed into a corner. I am afraid of what he will do when he starts lashing out. It ain’t gonna be pretty, folks.

The 9-0 court case was for the Arthur Anderson case connected to the fall of Enron.

The case was tried under “18 U.S. Code § 1512 - Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant”. Perhaps Trump is concerned about that…

The US Attorney in the Enron case, Andrew Weissmann, was the head of the Fraud Section of the DOJ Criminal Division until he joined Mueller’s team.


His word salad can seemingly contradict previous statements or the sentence fragment immediately prior. I tend to think of his words like a Rorschach test. Everyone sees what they want to see in the amorphous blob that spills out.

It’s generally safe to bet that Trump is talking about Trump. He’s a noted Trump supporter, after all.

The Atlantic article points out that Weismann is a “new face” in Trump’s Tweets.

Interestingly, he was the one who signed today’s public filing about Manafort. Coincidence?

Thanks for that.

Here’s a run-on (sentence? paragraph?) more bizarre than Palin’s worst drunken rant:

Or is this some advanced form of poetry? It certainly is an Ode to Self — Good genes, very good genes, went to Wharton, built a fort, if he were a liberal he’d be one of the smartest people in the world.

Does he work nights as a songwriter? Doesn’t “Four used to be three, now it’s four and when it was three and even now” remind you of Donovan’s “First there is a mountain then there is no mountain then there is”?

The one thing I have in common with Trump is that when he speaks, neither of us can articulately explain what he’s saying.

To be fair, a run-on sentence only exists in print, and Trump was speaking there, not writing. The person who transcribed it is the one who made a run-on sentence.

That said, Trump speaks a lot in fragmented clauses–but then, everyone does. He just does it to an extreme degree, so that his speech is barely coherent, (and that’s probably why it was transcribed like that). The only way he gets away with it is that he employs intonation so that he appears to have some kind of meaning.

Yes, verbal speech is very different from carefully edited text.

However that rant sounds like a schizophrenic. He hears himself say the word “nuclear”; that reminds him of his uncle … and the next thing you know we’re back at Wharton (building a fort?). Mention of “nuclear” reminds Trump of how smart he is. Then, instead of coming to the point of “nuclear” he needs to denigrate liberal Democrats for a while.

Finally, we learn what “nuclear” means to Trump:

Calling the above a “run-on” sentence is an understatement. Punctuate it however you want and explain what it means. Please. “35 years ago who would have thought powerful nuclear would change 3 prisoners into 4?” Is that it?

“Four prisoners, now, it used to be three, now it’s four, but when it was three, and even now.”

Is there something special about the alleged fourth prisoner? :confused: As a layman I shouldn’t call this gibberish “schizophrenic;” so does the DSM-5 have a billing code for it?

“it used to be THREE, now it’s FOUR” was a sitcom from the 80s, I think.

Sounds to me like he just had a mini stroke. I wonder if that’s what we’re really dealing with.

He’s ranting and raving because for the first time the feds have directly accused him of participating in a federal felony.

Except that it was a campaign speech from before he was elected - 7/21/16