I don't get this Volvo commercial

Been seeing this commercialfor a while but something’s always bugged me about it. The expression on the brunette’s face as the wrong guy drives off with her is one of joy, not surprised as I would expect, or shock. The blonde doesn’t seem to upset either. Did they just switched boyfriends? Am I reading too much into it or is it just supposed to be a funny prank, to be resolved a mile down the road when the guy realizes what happened?

Funny prank.

Seems pretty straightforward to me: they’re just the sort of whimsical sexy girls that you’ll get to date if you drive a Volvo. When the guy turns around and notices the strange girl in his car, he’ll startle, flinging hot coffee in his lap, swerving the car off the road and crashing. She’ll laugh and laugh and jog back to her original car, high-fiving the other girl on the way.

Do you know what happens later, after when the two girls meet back up, decide to strip down to bras and white cotton panties so they can do some laundry, and then start drinking a big pitcher of Cosmo’s?

I buy a goddam Volvo, that’s what happens.


Humm. I HAVE a Volvo and this has never happened to me…

I knew a woman who would always go for a guy in a Volvo. But not just any Volvo. It had to be painted aquamarine. She said…

‘There’s something about an aqua Volvo man!’
Ancient reference.

That was supposed to be aqua vulva.

Can’t we have one damn thread without Avatar coming up?
Add me to the “I don’t understand what’s not to get” crowd. They were amused that they tricked the guy, the end.

What I don’t get is why the volvo symbol looks the the male symbol (I mean why do they use it, not what does it mean). I find that off-putting, and I don’t care that the symbol used to mean something else. Let’s see someone trying to use the swastika in it’s pre-nazi way and see how well that goes over.

It didn’t ‘used to’ mean something else. It is still the symbol for iron and Mars.


They are Mentos euro-trash people. That’s what they do. Spontaneity defines them.