I don't get Water

I mean I don’t get water. How is it that when I drink from the cooler at work it’s like drinking pure pleasure, but everything I try at home - Tap water, refridgerated tap water, mineral water, refridgerated mineral water, all tast like plain old water?


Maybe the “pure pleasure” part is getting away from your desk for a moment? :slight_smile:

I felt the same way. Then I got water delivered. Right next to my desk at home I have a water cooler. Wonderful ice cold distilled water without leaving my computer.


Maybe the water at your work place is laced with a little coke/caffaine/a simulant of your choice, just to make you want to stay back a little longer. You know these big corporations are unethical about these things.
You do work for a big corporation, don’t you? :dubious:

Maybe you’ve been suckered by all that seductive advertising.

I don’t know if drinking distilled water is such a good idea. There are a lot of conflicting reports from people (almost all with a vested interest). Some people say drinking distilled water will leach electrolytes from your body through osmosis, others say you get enough electrolytes in your food. I do know that our BioChem professor always warned us against drinking ONLY distilled water, especially if you have been doing sports and sweating a lot, because you will lose so many electrolytes through perspiration that you can go into shock if you don’t replenish them.

Well, yeah, but isn’t that the case regardless of whether the water you’re drinking is distilled? That’s why you’re supposed to drink Gatorade, or eat something, instead of just drinking a lot of water when you’ve been exercising heavily.

It’s not like water that isn’t distilled will be any better for you in that kind of situation, is it?

My secret to good, really really cold water at home:

Clean two old gallon milk jugs very well. Fill them up about halfway with tap water and stick them in the freezer. When they’re frozen, take one out, fill it with tap water, and keep it in the fridge. Refill it as needed until the ice is all gone. When it’s gone, refill it halfway again, put it back in the freezer, and pull out the other one that’s been waiting all nice and frozen.

We used to do this all the time when I was growing up, back before fridges came with ice makers and chilled water dispensers. When we finally got a fridge with those newfangled gadgets, I was sorely disappointed that the “chilled” water wasn’t nearly as cold as I was used to. Now that I’m on my own, in an apartment with an old fridge, I’ve gone back to the good ol’ way of doing things.

Water tastes better when you’re very thirsty, in my experience. Does your job involve talking, or other activities that can make your mouth really dry? Do you grab some water right before you leave, so that when you get home, you aren’t dehydrated at all? Perhaps some experimentation is in order.

Did Lobs mention distilled? Usually bottled water is simply filtered better than household water. You can purcase a relatively inexpensive filter from (Wal-Mart here) any department store or pay more and get one at plumbing supply or online for that matter. Last one I bought was less than $40. Came with twin filters one particle and one charcoal. The cartridges are inexpensive and last a long time if you only filter the water you consume.
It’s kind of a funny story. Where I used to teach, all of the teachers ran around with bottles of Ozarka water. I just filled my glass at the cooler. They’d act like they were really doing good, spending a buck for a 12-16 oz. bottle of water and drinking several of them each day. That is until I told them to look at the label on the back of the bottle. Ozarka “spring” water (at least the one’s sold here) is bottled just a few miles down the road from us. In Athens (Henderson County) Texas. It’s the same damned water that comes out of the tap. AND since the cooler had a filtering system on it, there was no difference. They all got a little pissed and changed brands. Yep, changed brands…didn’t learn shit did they? :smack:

I think it actually might be a case of choice and the possible fact that the locally bottled water is actually much better than the top name brands. But then The Isle of Man is the kind of beautiful place you imagine has good springs.

We have a reverse osmosis filtering system at home and the water is awesome. The water where we live is really bad, so if we didn’t have R.O. we wouldn’t drink much water. It costs about $17 a month, but to us it’s worth every penny.

I can’t see the word ‘osmosis’ without immediately thinking of Chris Rock and a certain animated movie.

Is your work water Hickery Springs? That stuff is so good, it’s amazing.