I don't like frames, but I want to put photos on the wall.

So I want to put more pictures on my wall. I don’t want to just tape them up there, dorm-style, but I also don’t like picture frames.

Currently, I have some pieces hanging from chains I made with alligator clips and lamp chain. I like the metal kind of look it gives, but it’s a little too industrial for me. Plus everything flies off the nail when I make my bed.

What’re some other options I have? Preferably options that keep photos from overlapping. So, not those soft pads that have straps criss-crossing the front so you can slip photos in. Compact is also nice, since wall space is very limited. How about something that could be mounted at an angle (the stairway to the apartment upstairs cuts through the top half of my room. Ah, apartment living…)?

You could mount photos on canvases – glue them on or something like that.

I think I’ve also seen frame-less frames. They’re basically two sheets of glass or plexiglass that have an opening you slip the photos into and hang on the wall. I don’t know much past that, since I happen to like frames.

I like Fotoclips: http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/fotoclips/

I can’t vouch for the store in that link, I got mine at the SF MOMA museum shop.

I’ve also seen those wire photo holders in the shape of a sun or a starburst. The arms radiate out from the center, and at the ends, there’s a coil of wire that you slip the photo into to hold it. I don’t know if that would suit your style, and they’re also kind or pricy.

Or get them printed onto canvas, which is stretched over a box frame. Plenty of online places will print them but they’re not cheap.

Another cool thing I’ve seen in galleries, but I don’t know if you can get it done yourself, is photos printed translucently onto clear acrylic. They look really neat.

You can also mount photos on foam core, and attach hangers on the back. Simple!

I once saw photos pinned to the wall…you have to make holes in the wall with a thumbtack first, one for each corner of the photo, and then mount it with the pins. Looks good with lots of photos grouped together.

What about matte frames?

Or get a big sheet of cork, hang it up on the wall, and then pin pictures to it.

I think you ought to be able to transfer your own photos to acrylic at home. I think this method ought to work. You use acrylic gel medium to transfer a photocopy to pretty much any surface. I think it works with color photocopies and inkjet images, too. The guy who wrote the tutorial said you can use pretty much any print image, but I can’t imagine that anything would work so well as a photocopy or an image from a printer.

You could print the photos onto iron-on decals, iron them onto a piece of cloth, and stretch the cloth over a piece of canvas. Iron ons, cloth, and canvas are available at any crafts store and some Wal-Marts for a few dollars.

There are frames that are basically two pieces of acrylic held together with clips. You can mount a poster or any number of photographs arranged as you please. Or you could DIY it and go down to TAP plastics and buy some 1/16" acrylic sheets. Cut them in pairs to suit your tastes, stick the photos between the sheets, clip them together,glue a cleat to the back and you’re ready to go.

Another idea.
When I get into photo taking mode and I’m working on a specific subject, I tend to work, print, look at the print, make changes, re print etc etc etc. It started to get difficult to have all the pictures balanced on my desk so I picked up some of these at a local restaurant supply store. I used the ones without the springs. They work nicely and you can change the picture in a matter of seconds.
You just have to remember that you won’t be able to see the top 1/2 to 1 inch of the picture. If you print them yourself that should be easy enough to deal with.

The last time I was at Ikea they had all kinds of variations on these. They also had some really cool and not terribly expensive photo hanging ideas. One, which wasn’t to my taste but I can see how some would like it, was a clear acrylic picture rod with several acrylic frames suspended for a “framed but frameless” look.

Mom’s best decoration idea ever was putting some cork on the wall. Not a framed corkboard, just the cork plank. Most stores sell it for insulation; you can buy rolls (cheaper but you have to put them flat for a while before hanging them up) or pre-glued squares. We put pictures up holding them with thumbtacks at each corner-- not IN the corner; we use the flat-headed tacks and set them so the picture is “leaning” on the tacks’ nail and pressed in place by part of the heads… this way the pictures don’t get holes. And we can set them diagonally, which looks more dynamic than having everything horizontal.

What about Clear acrylic box frames.

You can get them just about anywhere.