I don't like StarTrek.com's new site

They explain why they did it and the advantages of the new site here.

[Data] I do not enjoy the new configuration [/Data]

[Worf] (growling) And now you you have to register… [/Worf]

[Quantum] (furrowing his brow) Oh boy. [/Quantum]

[Spock] That is not a logical thing to do [/Spock]

[Kirk] UPN!!! [/Kirk]

[Quark] Stupid hoo-mahns [/Quark]

I liked it the old way. Easy to navigate and you could link to things without anyone following said link having to register. :dubious:

Next thing you know, they’ll start charging for it. You just watch! They already provide a DSL/ISP for $49.95 a month.

Sharks. Scrubbers. Two time double dealing money grubbers.


Hmmm… What do you mean you have to register? I can’t provide a link to an episode synopsis? That’s what I used Startrek.com for, mostly. The Library. I think the new way’s easier to navigate, because you can check out all the submenus without bringing up a new page. However, if you have to register, that outweighs the new navigation bar.

What’s up with a Tuvok photogallery but no Hoshi photogallery?

Well, let me try a link and see if you cn access it without registering.

If it all still works, than I will just decry the inelegant look of said site.

News item

Ah… here is the reason for registering.

Registering is futile.

Number One.

I like it.

Well, as long as we can still link without having to register, then I can get used to the new look.

I was trying to find when Cease Fire would rerun and it kept sending me to a register you fool page.

The pull down menus are nice, but the site hurts my brain, brain, what is brain. Oh well, I’ll give it time. See if it developes a consciousness of its own.

I don’t know if it’s my ISP or the site, but it’s loading amazingly slowly.

I like it with the exception of that stupid starfield background thing they have going on. Looks like a Geocities page or something.

That’s such a coincidence! I don’t like Star Trek either.

I guess the startrek.com web designers forgot to get the opinion of our friends in the BBQ Pit:

Memo to web designers: Everybody hates Flash!

Uhm… yeah. So I follow NoClueBoy’s link, hop over to the photo gallery and what’s the first thing I read? Carassians photo gallery. Seriously, Carassians. This does not bode well.

The design is uninspired, certainly. But Amore, I don’t see any excessive use of Flash. Relative speaking, I’d say it’s even quite modest in that respect.

Hmm… the design I actually kind of like, nice and simple. The Flash I can take or leave. It’s a bitch for accessibility, but I think they might be bright enough to have an HTML version handy for browsers that don’t support it.

But good God is it slow.

Heh. “Carassians.” Nice to see I’m not the only one who typos in the most noticeable places.

Nope, can’t say I like the design at all…

Well… maybe… just a little, but I certainly miss the the little diagrams beside the news items letting you know which series it relates to.

Oh well.