I Don't Tell My Friends That I'm a ____________

Bet I’ve got more skeletons than you; you’re too nice to have many.

It’s interesting to me to see how people make or break themselves with their own attitudes. Sr. Olives gets into it too. I don’t mean ogling either. “She knows how to walk, but she’s not smizing in her photos.” Hysterical.

My Facebook posts are as generic as I can make them. I don’t say anything about being an atheist there because it would get back to my parents, who I haven’t “come out” to yet.

Honey, hush. I’d promise to sit down over a beer and discuss this with you, but I’ve quit drinking. :wink:

I also go through weird, mental-patient type obsessions with things, usualy musicals. There was a while I was crazy about Rent, and listened to the soundtrack easily five times a day, and would leave work early on Friday to drive to New York to see the Friday evening show and the Saturday matinee, if possible, before heading back. Once I did this (not with Rent, but a previous obsession, Big River, and I was so poor and yet so stupid that I spent almost my last dollar to see the show again on Saturday, and didn’t have enough money to pay tolls coming home. (You know what happens when you can’t pay a toll? They give you a little slip of paper on the honro system and you get to send it in later).

Since getting married, I haven’t been able to indulge my go-to-New-York-on-a-whim much. But the listening thing continues unabated. I didn’t click with anything for my first couple of years of marriage, and then Wicked came out…and I imagine my wife was wondering what had happened to the rational man she married.


I tried to watch it but instead of a parade of bitchy hot chicks it was a parade of bitchy mediocre-looking chicks.

I don’t get it - supermodels are usually healthy-looking, unlike generic runway models. Why don’t they go for that look?

Same. Also that I’m an atheist.

I was hoping you’d avoid the low-hanging fruit and go with Raven. :smiley:

My friends know everything about me. I don’t even hide things from total strangers.

Every few months I watch Snapped for a couple of hours. Total waste of time, but I still like to watch.

When last I worked in a conventional work environment, of the top of my head the most negative/stunned reactions I had was when I was found out to to be:

  1. a Buffy fan
  2. a hedonist

My atheism or my boozing or my pretty left-wing leaning were all taken for granted.

Wow I had to double check that wasn’t my post! Especially that last sentence! :smiley:

I’m in Mensa; I refer to it in conversation as “some people I know.” Then again, I do the same with online games and with the Dope. Roleplaying games only get mentioned if I’m reasonably sure the other people won’t assault the phone and call 911 saying “I’ve got a psychopath here!”

Recently I wrote a paper on a critique of Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” and some of the stuff I used for background info came from the Dope (not posts, but news people linked). When I was writing the bibliography I kept thinking “man, if the prof knew where I’m getting my info…” Several of my professors are the kind of person who think anything that’s fun can’t be taken seriously, if you know what I mean. Me, I believe it’s anything serious that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

There’s many political issues I avoid like the plague unless I’m reasonably sure most of the audience will avoid jumping to conclusions. Expressing positions like “pro-choice pro-life” (or “pro-life pro-choice”) in front of an idjit holier-than-thou bitch or a moronic cokehead who claims nobody should have children isn’t just unpleasant: they usually don’t even let you finish.

My guilty pleasure is trash entertainment… seriously trash.

Gong Show, the Jerry Springer show, Weekly World News (the adventures of the batboy), etc.

I don’t believe any of it, it’s just fun.

My dad has cancer.

I don’t tell anybody because once I do, I’ll have to talk about it. And I don’t want to talk about it.

and I don’t tell anyone I’m a recovering anorexic. Though they can probably figure it out… these days, the “recovering” part isn’t as accurate as it was. I used to talk about it a lot. Now, not really.

I read women’s magazines sometimes. It’s entertaining to read how they think women think.
I watch cartoons, including Nickelodeon. I actually like Blue’s Clues and a little show called Charlie and Lola.
I like to watch the Disney channel.

Pretty much anything else I can think of I wouldn’t want to reveal on here, either.

I like to bake bread. Doesn’t really go with the corporate image…

I don’t really have any friends. My colleagues think I have friends in my personal life, and my acquaintances in my personal life think I have friends at work. My ex best friend and I are still friendly, and once every couple of months we get dinner and coffee, but that’s the closest. I mean, my fiance and I have each other and, truthfully, he’s my best friend, but it would be nice to have other friends.

So none of my “friends” know I don’t have any “friends” …

So are the people in Mensa just as interesting and entertaining as us Dopers, or are they boring snobs?

Also, you’re awesome.