I don't think I'll be mentioning this... and I think I like it that way.

So I am sitting here at my computer and my forarm starts itching like mad… I scratch at it and feel the tell-tale bump of a mosquito bite. I scratch and scratch but my stress bitten fingernails just don’t do the job!! I spy a device that might do the job and grab it. It has velcro on one end… the hard plastic side and I use its little hooks to scratch away my skin and the bump till its bleeding and runny. I put it down and realize in my fit of itching madness I had grabbed my roomates ponytail hair holder thingy… left in MY room mind you.

I was thinking maybe I should tell her… but ahhh… nahhh why bother with the bitching??? Bwaaahahahaa!! :smiley:

Hell no, don’t tell her! That’s the risks of leaving shit behind. To bad, so sad.

BTW: I personally go for sticking mosquito bites (or poison ivy rash) under as hot (scalding) water as I can for as long as I can. Man, it just feels good after that!

Is all of the above another one of those “guy things”? Ewwww!