I don't want to be interesting; dang it!!

You know, after years of reading the Dope and listening to various other resources for how to land a steady GF; one piece of advice always seems to be clear: Take up a hobby, have something interesting to say about yourself.

I get the logic and it is sound advice, but ya’ know what? I really have no interest in taking up a hobby just for the hope that I might be able to land a girl.

Really, I’m perfectly content with staying at home, reading a book, watching tv or playing on the internet.

I do like to go out but that’s pretty much limited to going to a nice restaurant or catching a good movie.

Please, somebody out there tell me there’s a large demograph of women out there who feel the same way. I can’t be alone in this.

(Sorry, just needed to vent.)

Sure. I have a girlfriend and I like all those things you mention, plus video games when I get the chance. I have a few friends who love to go to college sports events (I am a doctoral student at a Division 1 university, so sports are big), but that holds exactly 0 interest for me. I’m the kind of guy that falls asleep during The Super Bowl (happened this year, at the girlfriend’s house!).

I don’t mind going out, but I don’t care for smokey clubs with blaring music. If I had my way, I’d go out with friends to place with music in the background and that had a no-smoking policy. But I haven’t found any of those places where I live, so I don’t go out much. When I do, I don’t stay long.

Problem is, yours and my (grammar?) pastimes aren’t conducive to meeting women for the simple fact that they don’t require us to be where other humans are. That automatically reduces the chances of meeting someone.

I find it’s more important to draw the interesting things out of her (later you can put your intersting things back in…). People love to talk about themselves. I’m not particularly interesting insofar as my hobbies (I really have none), but I love a good debate, and have a sharp witt.

Chances are though, you’re suck with you. So don’t fidget about it too much or you’ll obscure the person who is all you have to give; namely you.

Sounds like a perfect evening to me, Shakes. And I’m female.

Throw in a liking for touring museums and historical sites or natural wonders, and I’m in.

This is why people just grab whoever happens to be closest by in college, then settle down with them, because after that, they’re going to spend the rest of their lives watching television at home by themselves and never meeting anyone new.