I don't want to earn anything from this board software; and stop the pop-ups

I keep being notified that I have “earned” various – I don’t know what to call them, other than annoyances – with “urgent” notices in my user profile telling me that I have earned something or other. That whole part of the software needs to turn itself off.

I also keep getting popups on the right side about some new post in some other thread! Just because I dropped a post in a thread doesn’t mean I want to follow the new posts in that thread. If I did want to do that, I would change my following status for that thread to “following” or whatever it is, instead of “normal.”

So, to summarize my general position, I am not too bothered by having to learn different ways of doing things, that’s only to be expected. What I don’t like is having the board software throwing itself in my face all the time with stuff I never wanted. I remain hopeful that this stuff can be turned off.

Go to your preferences > notifications > and under ‘When I post in a topic, set that topic to’ change it to “Normal”.

As for all the earned thing, I think everyone’s getting flooded right now because we’re all “new” users.

Welcome to the ‘gamification’ of everything. I once had a newbie UI guy suggest that we ‘gamify’ one of our operator consoles in a factory to make work more ‘engaging’.

I don’t know about the O.P., but I can certainly use the extra money. I earned 13 different levels/items and was able to convert directly to bitcoins. Not a fortune, just shy of $50, but every little bit helps.

Kayaker, I really miss the like button

It’s possible to hand code a like button.


winky emoji

Not with the 20 character minimum… just saying “like” or “me too” no longer works.

We’re getting paid?

I thought the limit was dropped to five characters. Maybe it got raised again. Or the Board is rebelling.

Is that a woosh? Man, please tell me you’re serious …

That could be. It was 20 last I read, but lots have changed since then.

5 would be great

It’s 5

Notifications are a dopamine delivery system. You probably just need more.

It’s only the first day! Do you really think they’re going to have everything all perfect and 100% right away? Be patient.
I’m not a big fan of the layout yet either, but give it time. :wink:

I suggested earlier that we could sell our badges on the street corner for drug money. So far, it’s been working for me!