I dreamed about the SDMB last night

The Straight Dope was housed in a red brick building with a changeable sign out front like those in front of churches. This one had trending thread titles on it, and one of them was mine, entitled “Great insurance!” (Don’t bother looking. I didn’t and wouldn’t.) I was trying to figure out how to get the mods to remove the thread, if that was even possible, as I’d become as frustrated and embittered toward this insurance company as all others. I couldn’t find the mods. We Dopers were somehow (happily) confined to a nice church-hall-type room. I was too embarrassed by my post to ask just anyone but thought Beckdawrek might take mercy on my pathetic self. Unfortunately, she was home attending to cats (and I couldn’t have ID’d her anyway). I finally decided to add a reply to the post explaining all. Of course, I had no computer or cell phone with me.

My subconscious must have realized it wasn’t the most scintillating dream, as it threw in Johnny Depp–apparently we were making a movie together–several adorable puppies I’d somehow adopted, and a genial but fly-ridden hog. But those were all fragmentary subplots.

I have no idea what all this means, if anything. I have no complaint with the mods, have never felt the need to get in touch with them but know how, and am glad I don’t have that thankless job. The only part that rings true is that Beckdawrek seems like a kindly soul who’d help without judgment and who’d be home tending to her cats, undoubtedly luring them down from the beams with french toast.

Am I the only one who’s dreamed about The Dope?

Omg. I certainly would be helped you had I known. I came out just to see Johnny Depp. Cats be damned. They don’t really like me anyway. That’s crazy…i haven’t dreamed of the Dope, but I have had dreams of peeps on the board and the image I have in my head.
Nelli, we may need to look into getting a life, or something.
Just know I’m there for you.:slight_smile:

I dreamed I saw Cecil last night,
I dreamed I saw Cecil

I just wish Johnny Depp had been the main dream instead of a sidebar. I’d gladly have introduced you except he wasn’t in the Church of the Holy Dope or whatever it was. As the physics of dreams go, he was on set, where I occasionally joined him. He seemed quite nice. The movie was something like Pirates of the Caribbean XII. I have no idea of my role. Hopefully it wasn’t Davy Jones. Maybe I played his locker.

I had a frustrating week with medical expenses and my insurance company. I think that played into it. I spent hours on the phone, much of it on hold, and read the Dope while I waited. The issue still isn’t resolved. The last rep I spoke with was, I swear, stoned on her ass, so I’d say something like, “Can you explain why I got four bills for the same charges, half of which I paid months ago?” and she’d say dreamily, “Hold for one moment” and return several minutes later to say, “The customer responsibility for this bill was $402.”

By the end of the call, I was experiencing a contact high. Or maybe that was just my blood pressure.

Next time I show up in your dreams add Robt. Downey, jr. to the mix. Please.:wink:

Several adorable puppies and a genial but fly-ridden hog, eh? Sounds like a good basis for a feel-good road trip movie. :smiley:

Is that Robot Downey Jr the LoveBot?

In what sense were the adorable puppies and the fly-ridden hog additions to the SDMB’s normal fare?

(and am I the only one now picturing a housefly wearing a leather jacket and a lot of tattoos, on a Harley?)

That’ll work!