I had my first SDMB dream!

Last night, I had a dream in which I was reading the boards. Want to know what I was reading?

A post from december in which he revealed that he’s been putting us on all this time and that he’s really a 20-something female.

Ok, that is a bit odd, but people lie on the internet a lot from what I’ve heard from my cousin. He’s “dated” several girls over the internet and then found they were much older than they claimed, for example :wink:

minty green was in a dream of mine last night.

Well, I am putting you all on and I am actually a 60-year-old male with staunchly conservative political views.

Sweet dreams, Jeff Olsen!

I can’t believe you only just now had your first SDMB dream. I once dreamed that I went to a carnival and opened the side door to a building and found a bunch of Dopers (like HpstrDufuz, Drain Bead, OpalCat, Ianzin, and Ranger Jeff) hiding in a dark room. So that was like, what, five years ago?

Just recently I dreamt that everyone over on LJ was involved in this huge drama fight. I was scrolling down my friends list and every entry was a bitchfest. Ah, if only. Sandly, the Dopers will never make ljdrama.org.

Well, I think I’m overdue for some bitching in LJ. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Really, all I have to bitch about today is the weather, and that’s too mundane to even merit bitching about.)

It only counts if you bitch in a locked post about someone whose on the friends list of some of your friends, and then they tell that person, and then they bitch about you in a locked post, and then everyone takes sides, and then people start deleting their journals, and reviving them ten minutes later, and removing and adding friends, and announcing that they will never go into chat again, and they’re creating a new chat channel on IRC.

Yeah. Ah, the drama.

Oh, bah. I don’t have anyone to bitch about in a locked post at the present time.

Sorry I can’t make your dreams come true, Kyla!

I thought it would be more appropriate to post to this thread than to start one of my own. I apologize if this is not so.

I had my first SDMB dream last night.

I dreamt that two Dopers came to my house. One’s nick was Whisper (teehee), the other’s nick I didn’t remember because he was mostly a lurker. They came to discuss with me a thread they were planning on starting, and wanted my approval. The thread was going to be titled “Failed Mechanical Inventions That Worked.” I said, “Oh, like the battery!” They said, “What?” I went on to explain, “You know, like the polarity and the cell and everything…” It ended up that they didn’t start the thread. But they had my phone number…which wasn’t necessarily such a great thing.

I have the weirdest dreams.

I had a SDMB dream a few weeks ago in which the mods allowed us to have avatars (blah). I just logged on and there they were…and at first I was ambivilant, til I saw that all my favorite posters had chosen these utterly ridiculous, stupid, poorly drawn things.

I can vividly remember opening a thread in ATMB, and seeing Flamsterette had this ridiculous avatar of some hideous dancing bear that may or may not have been entirely composed of patriotic pastels. Tears, anguish.

Orange Skinner: If the mods ever allowed us to choose avatars, I would NEVER go for the hideous dancing bear composed entirely of various Canadian patriotic pastels. Imagine: red, white, maple leaves, and a bunch of other things…

Nope. Not my style.
Although I had an SDMB dream myself last year sometime… I was posting on the boards, and came across a thread that El Elvis Rojo had started. The thread was to tell us all that Fionn had a life-threatening illness. (can’t remember which one… possibly metastatic cancer of the liver)

Anyways… the thread contined on for quite some length, and the final outcome was that Fionn had died. Everyone then expressed their condolences and such, of course. Then the boards were shut down for about a week to allow us all to mourn her death.
I have the weirdest dreams as well…

And if Fionn is reading this… I do like you just fine! :slight_smile: I’ve certainly never wished you ill.


Well, I’d certainly thought not (and thank God)…but you never can tell who might wind up endorsing patriotic pastel bears.

Nope, you can never tell. But definitely not me!


I’m a vivid and prolific dreamer at the best of times, and SDMB dreams are quite common, but they fall into two categories:

  1. Dreams about Dopers and/or threads. The most obvious category, I guess. just last week Ice Wolf pulled me over cop-style. She was driving a smoke blowing, chocolate brown early 80s Mitsubishi Sigma.

  2. Dreams where the SDMN interface and life collide. I’ll navigate life by clicking on SDMB pages, previewing, submitting, etc. I might dream I’m mad at a traffic light for staying red too long, so I’ll take it to the pit. Weird shit.