I had my first SDMB dream last night

Someone pitted me. I forget who it was or if the thread referenced was a real one, but whatever the case, it was over a joke I made that was taken too seriously. It was cool.

Welcome to the “Dopers who have been here waaaay too long” club. :slight_smile:

Did you win?

I’ve had dreams about the board before. Or about people from the board. In really stupid situations, like… we’re all back in high school only it’s an island and there are tigers running around the school.

Just wait until you have Straight Dope dreams on a regular basis! :eek:

The last thing I remember was starting to type a reply, but not knowing where to begin because the complaint was so stupid. No one joined in a pile on, but no one was really jumping to my defense either; it was more like, “:rolleyes: Let’s wait for CzechMaster401k to respond before anyone says something.”

The Hamburglar has stolen the smily from this post!

Am I dreaming? I thought The Hamburglar only stole hamburgers? :confused:

Watch, now I’ll have a Doper Dream about The Hamburglar tonight!

I haven’t had a Straight Dope Message Board dream yet. However, I did have a dream about the people at this other board I participate in. It was like a Star Trek Convention gone horribly wrong. Silly string and Klingon death duels everywhere. Oh, the humanity!

Way back when I was still a fanatical GD-er, I used to have SDMB dreams all the time, about being involved in some heavy-handed and heated debate… usually, I was winning, and being all suave and cool and admired for it.

I think I got disenchanted with GD with my dreams failed to mimic reality.

Oh my god…! :eek:

It has come to pass

…albeit indirectly and by a rather significant stretch of the imagination.

None. Yet! :slight_smile: Oh. This is not a poll.

Well, I joined this club last night, sorta. RTFirefly was in the dream, which involved getting recliners reupholstered. Now why I would think about RTF and overstuffed Lazy-Boys, who can say… :smiley:

There was also something in the dream about boats, and some bad guys, but I’m a little fuzzy on the details.

RTFirefly was my neighbor in a dream I had once.

This wasn’t entirely a SDMB-centric dream, but it featured a familiar poster.

My family and I were in our RV on a trip, and we ran out of ice. So we decided to break into someone’s house and use their ice, figuring they wouldn’t mind. While I was exploring the backyard of the house, I came upon a children’s book that was written by OpalCat! (Yes, it said so on the cover.) Surprised since I didn’t think OpalCat wrote children’s books, I kept it and planned to sneak off with it when we made off with the ice.

Just then the home owners came back, but they were so nice they let us keep the ice and let me keep OpalCat’s book, and they gave me some driftwood as a gift too.

I have odd dreams.

Weird coincidence.

Y’know, the strange thing is that in the dream whoever pitted me had a user name that was about 5 or 6 letters. I think it started with a W, though, or at least it had an “e” in it.

I had a BDSM dream last night, does that count?

Cheers, Bippy

I dreamt I was in a cave, and those dam smileys were trying to eat me.

No, I’m serious. Woke up feeling very disturbed.

And I’m a newbie! Where’s the justice!