My boring, weak-ass SDMB dream

Last night I had a dream about the boards. It didn’t involve posters getting naked, drunk, intimate with goats or anything remotely fun like that. In fact, it didn’t involve any dopers at all. What was it, you ask? I dreamed that I asked a question in GQ. That’s it. It’s pretty sad when your dreams are mundane. Oh, what I would have given for my first board dream to be about becoming a sugar daddy to tatertot and her wimmins, or riding around on Dr_Paprika like he was my own private mule. But NOOO. Jeez, if I had a dream about Elizabeth Hurley it would probably be about me renting one of her movies. My subconscious sucks!
What was the question in the dream, you ask? Here you go.

When I dream about the SDMB, it’s nearly always dopers. So far I’ve had at least five doper-related dreams. Sigh. If only one of them were a possibility:)


I came in here thinking I might pat you on the back and say, “Aw, no, woodstock, your dream was interesting!” But your thread title is pretty much on the mark. No real way to dress things up here.

Here’s to hoping your dreams include more wimmins … and, er, mules.

Hey bird! Give lucid dreaming a try. I’ve managed it a few times, and it was a rush.


Well? What happened?

How many views did you get? How many people posted?

Gonna leave us hanging?

You know, Cnote, the dream was so uneventful that after asking the question I think I actually fell asleep in my own dream. Sorry. I’ll try to make up some kind of exciting denouement next time I have a dreadfully boring dream.

Well, for your sake, I hope the next dream you have about a general question has more replies than that one did.

birdy, you cracked me up with this thread. Maybe thats just because I can relate so closely. I’ve dreamt about surfing the MB and being in chat, however there never seems to be anything lucid going on on the other end (I must have a lazy subconscious), its usually just me sitting at the desk, staring in my dream.

I can just totally relate to all this. Maybe it isn’t so bad that I rarely recall my dreams, alot of them must really eat ass.

Here’s to those of us with weak-ass sleeping minds.

That’s okay, I already had a dream about that…

…Of course it was a shopping dream but we went to Pottery Barn!

I’ve had quite a few dreams with Dopers in them but they were about Dopers I have met. I did have a very interesting dream experience with a Doper once but I think I’ll say no more and give you all the gift of idle speculation. :wink:

I once had a dream that a certain GQ moderator was helping me look after a small donkey in a vegetable plot. He also had a secret life as a female Tibetan ice skater.

Last week I dreamt that I was meeting some Dopers for lunch in an omelette restaurant in a made up country. We were all speaking the language of that country, because of a dodgy political situation. I spoke it so well that people forgot I could speak English, and started saying rude things about me. The tables in the restaurant had monitors built in, so we could surf the SDMB and eat at the same time. After paying for my omelettes, I ran into Alphagene. We went on a road trip to my homeland, which we found to be falling into the sea.

Perhaps your subconscious should phone my subconscious for hints.