I feel slightly disgusted by people with no muscle tone..

I’m talking about those guys/gals that have stick arms, the people who look like the only heavy thing they ever picked up was their pants and t-shirt. I don’t hate them, I just find them kind of revolting.

Am I alone in this thinking?

I happen to have “stick” arms, and no one has ever teased me about that. What I find strange, but not disgusting in any way is women weight lifters, who seem to be on male hormone treatment.

What I find disgusting is the way people look at other people and feel disgusted by them because they don’t fit said person’s ideal.


Aren’t there better things to dislike people for than the size of their arms?

Be careful about your assumptions. My ex is a skinny dude and if he’s relaxed he doesn’t look all that strong. But he works out 2-3 times a week and often taunts the musclemen because he can lift more than they can.

mmmmmmm–scrawny boys. . . .

Thank you, Jack. I have skinny arms, goddamnit, and I am proud of my Twiggy-esque arm status. ::sniffs, and steps off podium::

Like the size of someone’s penis, for example. Or then there’s fat people, or ladies with pointy nipples…

I happen to not have scrawny arms, but I don’t have any muscle tone, either. Is that disgusting, or is this disgust limited only to skinny arms?

I feel completely disgusted by shallow bastards.


I’m talking about people who have never lifted a goddamn thing in their life, have never exerted there self physically…exceptions to those with physical ailments of course.

What was so hard to understand about my post?


I don’t think anyone suggested it was difficult to understand. In fact, it’s perfectly clear that you’re a shallow bastard. No explanation necessary.


Hmmm you have started 12 threads in the past 8 days, I have been here for 17 months and I haven’t started that many, it seems somebody has a high opinion of his opinions and the interest they hold for others…


Hold on there a minute Keith. I’ve started a lot of thread recently but that’s only because I’m unemployed and yearn for interaction with witty intelligent life beyond the confines of my home and family, not because I’m probably a shallow little dickwad with a penis the size of a 4 year old’s. The fact that I am a woman and therefore have no penis has no bearing on this argument.

On behalf of all the multiple thread-starters I take offense.

OTOH If you happen to be a shallow little dickwad with a penis the size of a 4 year old, then please continue posting threads based solely on how disgusted you are by persons who happen to fall outside the .05 % of people who are considered to be physically perfect and I will continue to be disgusted by them while simultaneously being underwhelmed by the depth of your intellect.

:smiley:Mermaid: Thank you for making laugh on this very shitty day!

Oh and Vision in case you were unclear about whether I was making a reference about you when I said I was both disgusted by your comments while simultaneously being underwhelmed by the depth of your intellect I was.

Am I alone in this thinking?

Oh yeah? Well I’m a skinny sticklike type and damn if I didn’t have the most kickass biceps from scoopin’ ice cream for nigh on 6 years!

[sub]Ok so I don’t anymore… but I did! Ask Jack Batty! We compared muscles at the Super Bowl party![/sub]

So what you’re talking about here, Vision (what an interesting SN), is people who have never done anything in their lives.

Exhibit A: people with scrawny arms.

Exhibit B: people who don’t lift anything. Ever (let’s forget the relative impossibility of this).

Conclusion: All people in Exhibit A are in Exhibit B.

Conclusion is false.

Why? Because of the very simple fact that some people, no matter what they lift, do not have large arms. A friend of mine in high schoo worked out his upper body fairly regularly and could lift about as much as I could, yet he was still extraordinarily skinny. And then you have people like me, who lift almost nothing at all and have some appreciable muscle tone and build to them.

That someone could actually hold the position you’re presenting. That someone would actually think that people who have very thin arms don’t work out, don’t lift anything, etc. Some people are gasp built that way. Some people work out to get thin arms like that. Some diet.

So how did you find the SDMB?

mmmmmmm–girls who like scrawny boys … :wink:

I’m not here to teach you guys conventional wisdom, you are all entitled to your opinions. If you never seen a stick bird man before you’ll never understand what I’m talking about.

Can we let this drop now?

Wait a minute - so it’s conventional wisdom to find people with no muscle tone kind of revolting? Maybe I misunderstood that comment.