Give that woman a sandwich!

Okay, me and my friends and family use that phrase when we see women in the media who look like they are starving to death. My point here (that goes back to some other threads) is that a lot of women quite literally STARVE themselves to fit that media ideal.

Do men REALLY find that look attractive? If so why? If not, why not? Thanks, inquiring minds want to know!

Mornin’ Byz.

Thin, trim and fit. But not sunken. There has to be at least some meat on her bones.

For the same reason women want to be thin, men want women thin. Media. The accursed media. We’ve been trained since childhood (Barbie, for example) as to what the idea female form should be.

Now I’me not saying whether that is right or wrong. It’s just how I am. I prefer a thin woman.

Now I’ve dated more portly women, but I have gotten to know them a lot better before going out. And there’s nothing wrong with not being the ideal female. No one is!

I like to think that I see past a woman’s appearance. But who’m I kidding. A good lookin’ chick is a good lookin’ chick!

Submitted for your approval: MHO.

I don’t think women want to be skinny to appear attractive to men. Women of all shapes, sizes, and more, attract men just fine. It’s a pretty even spread, I think you’ll find.

It’s just the current (long-standing) trend amongst the Fashion biz, the Entertainment media, and all their ilk, to be unhealthily skinny as a rake.

My personal tastes don’t come into it, so I won’t even relate them here. But I do wish there wasn’t such an obsession amongst women to be so hung up about their, and others’, weight all the time.

When I was about 13 years old, I was lamenting the fact that I was “fat.” I wasn’t, but I didn’t look like the models, all tall & thin. I had hips and breasts. My father, believe it or not, sat me down and had a talk with me about the difference between real life and magazines. He told me that sure, the women in the pictures were very pretty, and men like to look at them. Then he said that in real life, men prefer women that they can actually touch and know they won’t break, women with a little something to hang on to. He said that I was growing up to be a lovely woman, and one that any man would be delighted to have, when I grew up.

My entire self-image changed that day. I never got tall (I’m 5’1), and I never got skinny. What I did get, though, was comfortable with myself. I’m happy with what I’ve got. :slight_smile:

GuanoLad–My personal tastes don’t come into it, so I won’t even relate them here.

Um, hello? That’s what I’m asking for, sugar! I already know what the media says… I want to know what you think! Don’t be afraid to share… I’m only mean if you have keyboard drool!

Morning to you, Chief (she snaps a smart salute) then kisses him firmly on his cheek, then has him draw up his pants :wink:

Yes, good looking is good looking but it’s in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? Some very large women are very sexy… top of my head? Mae West was a hotty.

I like a woman that’s a little meatier. The skinny, heroin addiction look is a turn off for me.

I think physicall atractiveness has more to do with how you present yourself: what you’re wearing, your body language, and your attitude means more to me than how much you weigh.

I’d rather be with a lady who’se overwieght and stable than a neurotic, skinny girl (mental age) who’s always worried about how much she weighs.

Besides, Crisi’s father got it right: Boney chicks seem fragile to me.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Well, your question was worded kind of broader, so I tried to answer broadly :slight_smile:

And anyway - my personal tastes are for slim boyish women. I hate admitting I fit into the category women resent. sigh

Slender is nice, but the Auschwitz look is not. Think sexually. Would you want to go to bed with a bicycle?

On the other hand, fat ain’t where it’s at. Being 20 lbs. over your ideal weight is not fat. I’m talking about the ones who can’t go to the beach because the GreenPeace folks keep trying to roll them back out to sea.

Most men I know do not find the bony look attractive; I don’t either. It pains me to see Courtney Cox and Lara Flynn Boyle these days. I think it is the extremes at either end of the size spectrum that turn us off.

A lot of it has to do with Model marketability. If you’re thin you can always pad up. For instance there are guys at my gym and they can’t go beyond a 42" chest as it would limit their ability to get into clothes. Thus their marketablity as models decrease.

The same for women. You can stuff a bra you can’t unstuff it.

TeenHippie, you are just so bad in so many ways.
Now I’ll never be able to enjoy a beach again. I’ll be snickering and whooping and laughing, yelling “GREENPEACE ALERT!”.

I don’t think fat vs. thin is as important as simply looking fit. I’ve seen bigger women who look fit and on the other hand I’ve seen thin (not anorexic) women who look terribly unfit. UNH! BABY GOT BACK.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Bones is for the dogs…
Meat is for the MAN!

Yer pal,

When I was about 18, I weighed 105, tops at 5’4"…I thought I looked pretty good, and so did others. Then I put on about 20lbs following back surgery (it wasn’t all fat, either, I had so much physical therapy it was a lot of muscle). I ran into an old male friend of mine who said “DAMN! You look great! You really put on some weight!” I thought he was being sarcastic but he wasn’t. He said that everyone used to say I was waaaay to skinny, and now he thought I was hot. WOW! Talk about changing your self image. I know now he was right- I’m 5’4", 125-130lbs and have a nice, womanly figure. Screw the magazines and ads- I’m never, ever dieting!
(written while eating a brownie)

Run for the hills, folks! Or you’ll be up to your armpits in martians!

A very thin woman does nothing for me.

I like the tall, statuesque type.

Makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

I know I’m in the minority here. But, I find that the thinner, the better. Yes, Calista Flockheart (and Kate Moss) are just right for me. And Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, etc.

Just answering the question, that’s all. But, yeah, some guys do like the “heroin chic” look.

I like any type of woman but dammit…I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Sorry but Ally does not do a thing for me…now her roomie DAMN!!!

Maybe it’s just me but when I watch an episode of Ally McBeal I find both Calista Flockhart and Lisa Nicole Carson great looking, even though they have nothing in common. In fact as long as we’re on the subject of women and sandwichs…

I’m 5’3" and, thanks to the miracle of heredity, I’m overweight. Thanks also to the miracle of heredity (thanks, Dad) I’m not nearly as overweight as my mom, my aunt, or my grandmother.

I’ve been thin, I’ve been fat. Thin is better.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Personally,I was 115 lbs. in high school. I am 5’11".I was too thin,no guy thought I looked good.I didn’t either. Now I am 125 and still trying to gain.I have a friend who is 5’3" and 230 lbs.! Any secrets to gaining weight out there? :slight_smile: