I'm fat according to you so, what? You hate me?

I’ve heard the fucking jokes. Jay Leno about Monica or Linda Tripp… it’s not about what they did, it goes to weight. That’s the joke. So, I’m not your ideal. I’m 5’9" and 190 and big enough to twirl you over my head and not even hit my target heart rate.

I can bench press my own weight. I’ve studied martial arts. I know I’m okay. Would you make fun of me in PERSON? Or is it okay if you are not in my face? As long as the woman you pick on is not in your face it is okay?

Where do we draw the line? It’s okay to fuck with Monica or Colistia… but you wouldn’t do it to your wife, your sister, your daughter. Well, folks, where do we draw the line?

It’s okay to trash women about their weight, but not the women in YOUR life? Where do we draw that line? What’s too thin? What’s too fat? Where do we draw that line?

This is a subject close to my heart. I have been treated quite terribly for many years because of my weight. It started in High School. I was convinced I was a leper, and everyone seemed eager to let me believe that. Looking back at old photos of myself, I see that I was a little plump, but overall “balanced” and even pleasant-looking. But, OH MY GOSH - I wasn’t THIN. And because I let people do it to me, I believed that I was less than nothing. It took a long time to get over that. And I don’t intend to go back to feeling like shit, even though I actually look fine.

You just have no idea how this sort of crap can warp a young (or not so young) girl’s mind and heart. And you know what? What makes these idiots who make fun of fatness so damned perfect that they get to pick on the fat chicks?

I remember in high school, in one of my moments of clarity, I had a perfect comeback for the snotty neighbor boy. He came up to me and said “You’re fat.” (Original - the kid was a genius.) I looked at him and said “Yes, but you’re short, and you probably aren’t going to get any taller, but I can lose weight.” That kid never bugged me again. (This is a variation on the bumper sticker “I may be fat, but you’re ugly, and I can lose weight” - but my experience happened before I knew of the bumper sticker!)

Well, I could go on, but I am tired.

But everyone gets made fun of because of how they look - it’s part of the standard joke phenomenon.

Skinny people get made fun of, tall people, short people, guys who wear baseball caps and drive pick-up trucks, blonde bimbos, bald guys, hairy women, even people with disabilities - they all get picked on as joke targets if they can get a laugh out of it.

It’s just the way it be.

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I hear you loud and clear on this one. I took me a long time to be at ease with myself as I am. Just because I was the biggest and the strongest didnt as a kid didnt make being called “fatso” any more pleasent.

“The universe doesn’t give first warnings or second chances”

I’ve stated my opinion on this topic in other threads, so I’ll just summerize:

People who judge others on some arbritrary physical characteristic are willfully ignorant, shallow assholes.

Judging people on beliefs that have nothing to do with you (Personal religion, vegetarian or not, musical tastes) is also willfully ignorant.

I use the term “willfully ignorant” because people who do this know better. It’s simply lazy thinking.

Crap, that was a rambling kind of summary, wasn’t it?

I would never trash someone on their weight, but to me, you’re too thin or too fat when your health is at risk.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Not even a little bit, Byz.

This space for rent.

If people spent more time looking at the inside person instead of the outside person, they would realize what they are missing!!!

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Byz sez:


Gimmie a break Byz. You’re taking this a little to seriously.

I was always the smallest guy in my class in high school, and I don’t bitch about it. At least you could stand up for yourself when someone makes a joke. When I told people they had no balls I had to run to avoid getting squashed.

Furthermore, if you think there’s nothing wrong with being fat then why do you get insulted if people say you’re fat? When people called me a slob, I’d say “That’s right!”.

Is that the same shirt you were wearing yesterday? “Yes, it is!”.

Some people were poor, they couldn’t afford nice clothes. I was just a slob and I admitted it. People tried to insult me but ended getting insulted because I showed them that I cared so little about what they thought that I didn’t dress up to look good for school.

Sorry sweetie, but I’ve got you beat. I am both short and fat. No I am not plump, nor am I a little on the chunky side. I am fat. So what ? I never go outside in a thong, so I don’t see where anyone has right to bitch.

I used to be ashamed of the way I looked, but I decided that I am me, no matter what I look like. If I am myself, here on the board and IRL, well I can't go wrong. Is everyone going to like me ? Nope, do I care ? Well kinda , but I refuse to allow hateful people's words to make me feel bad about myself.

I figure that if they don’t get to know me as a person before they deide to write me off as an ugly fat-assed slob, before they get to know ME, then it’s their loss.

Now back to your question, Byz, I’m too afraid of you to hate you. :wink:

Ayesha - Lioness

You sound reasonable. Must be time to up my medication.

Sorry sweetie, but I’ve got you beat. I am both short and fat. No I am not plump, nor am I a little on the chunky side. I am fat. So what ? I never go outside in a thong, so I don’t see where anyone has right to bitch.

I used to be ashamed of the way I looked, but I decided that I am me, no matter what I look like. If I am myself, here on the board and IRL, well I can't go wrong. Is everyone going to like me ? Nope, do I care ? Well kinda , but I refuse to allow hateful people's words to make me feel bad about myself.

I figure that if they don’t get to know me as a person before they write me off as an ugly fat-assed slob, then it’s their loss.

Now back to your question, Byz, I’m too afraid of you to hate you. :wink:

Ayesha - Lioness

You sound reasonable. Must be time to up my medication.

“Hi, my name is Melin, and the world calls me fat.” I’m 5’ 10" tall, refuse to tell you my weight, and the circumferance around my wrist is nearly 7 inches.

I’m a size 18 in a good month and a size 22 in a bad one, and I’m in a bad one at the moment. But I’m a damned sight better lay than those tiny little chicks you’d be afraid to touch! ::grinning:: I’ve got something you can hold on too, and I also am motivated to prove my point. Too bad for you, if you can’t get past my weight you’ll never find that out. Or any of the other good stuff about me.

Twice in my life I’ve had men who I had called friends confide that they had wanted to get into a romantic relationship with me, but that they couldn’t get past my weight. With one, in particular, I was heartbroken, but I was a kid then. Older and wiser now, I realize that it was my good luck; if he was that shallow a person I really am better off without him.

Once I was able to accept myself as “pretty and witty and bright” (and thus in the way I perceived myself) it was amazing the difference in the way other people perceived me, too. I admit to a lot of wavering here – having grown up being taunted by those “skinny” folk left me with a real self-esteem problem – and it’s easy enough to fall back into the “fat and ugly” way of thinking.

Seems that this is the last bastion of bigotry, too. It’s generally not considered improper to make jokes and unkind comments and other insults about people’s weight, whereas it’s become taboo to make such comments about other traits such as skin color and sexual orientation.


FWIW, I made it clear to anyone who personally insulted Monica or Linda Tripp for weight or looks that they were the most ignorant idiots on earth. I am above the
“ideal weight”. Not by much, but enough that I don’t put up with anyone making fun of people for weight. I personally think that Monica is an attractive girl-
God I can’t wait for this waif thin look to go away already. It is so goddamned unhealthy for our kids to see.

A friend is someone who likes you even though you’re as ugly as a hat full of assholes.

Wow…I wasnt gonna post, or even lurk, I just popped in to get opalcats web site…but I cant scroll past this one!

I am the same sizes as melin, only i am 5’4.
I am all curves and softness, and I have only really accepted myself in the last few years. In junior high, I was built like a woman, the other girls were sticks, I was a 36C in grade 9!! the boy’s mom’s thought I MUST be a slut, and the girls all called me fat. I eventually became what they thought i was. It also seems to be a dominant feature in my mom’s family.It used to make me really unhappy.

I dont care anymore. I dress nice, I am kind to people,smartas a whip, I have a dazzling sense of humor and damn it, I am totally cute!
People like me.
Thats not conciet, thats how it is, people like me, and that makes me a great salesperson, whether its clothes, telephone banking,or newspaper advertising…I could sell shit to a farmer!
My boss told me he has never seen ANYONE fit in as quickly as I did at the paper. I am a good person, and other than the ‘first impression’ crap, my weight has not hindered me.

Shitboy once told me that love doesnt come in sizes…(he wasnt all bad)

Byz, if it is possible…I like you even more now that I know you arent an “Ally McBoney”.

Accept yourself for who you are. This means all the big girls! (A la Cameryn Manheim at the Emmys)

Miss you all,

Kelli, nice to see you again.

I’m 5’11" and a comfortable size 16. My body closely resembles that of Anna Nicole Smith, only my breasts are somewhat smaller than my head.

And you know what? I still look damn good. A whole hell of a lot better than those stick-skinny people I see on TV all the time. Most of them actually look hungry. Me, I’ll never look hungry. That’s because I eat. And if I ever start feeling bad about who I am and how I look, well, that’s the moment I start dieting. Until then, though, I’m perfectly happy living my life the way I choose, and not looking like a supermodel (except for maybe the plus-size variety). And if people don’t like it, fuck 'em. I’ve got one hell of a brain and a decent personality to boot. If you feel like rejecting me because I’m not a size 8, that says much more about your shortcomings than it does about mine.

Kell,I know what you mean. My friend knows better though. She is 5’3" and 230 lbs. She had low self-esteem and therefore became a slut back when. Thin people used to be ostracized too,ya know.

Hi Byz
Personaly I think you are one of the most interisting posters on this board.
It does not matter what you look,like its what on the inside that counts.
Dont let the assholes in the world get to you.

Seeing as how this is the pit the manditory flame follows.
Aw quit your whining,sit down and shut up! :slight_smile:

t lion

There are two sides to this, ya know.

Let’s see – afraid to touch, skinny, sticks, Ally McBoney, stick-skinny – dammit – that’s just on this page.

At work, it’s “when are you going to eat?”, “you’re going to blow away someday”, “if you got any skinnier I couldn’t see you”.

I’ve been skinny all my life, only got boobs while I was pregnant, can’t wear shorts, never did have an ass and what’s there has gone south now that I’m middle-aged – I have never once in my life commented to anyone on their weight – why do people think they can do it to me???

HUH!!! I am NOT this way on purpose! I am NOT trying to be thin!!! I do NOT think it’s cool and I do NOT think it’s better than being fat!! There is a Cartman in me screaming to get out!!!

Did I read that right? Leno made fun of folks for being fat? Maybe he’s trimmed down recently, but I always thought he kinda pudgy, myself. I was probably unconsciously comparing him to skinny boys like Carson and Conan O’Brien, but anyway.

Yeah, everybody gets fun made of the way they look. It really irked me when Rush Limbaugh made fun of Chelsea Clinton. I mean, she was like 14 at the time for cryin out loud! How many 14-year-olds look normal anyway?

Weighty people get fat jokes, short people get short jokes, heroin addicts get fashion model jokes. “Whaddaya, tryin ta look like Kate Moss? Ya betta cut down on the smack or you’ll end up on the cover of some magazine er sumpin.”

But I agree that obese and slightly obese people get more than their fair share of “comedic” abuse. It’s funny, in the USA our favorite thing is to make fun of our national vices. We are obsessed with sex, so any time so famous person get caught in bed with someone, we laugh about it for months. We are obsessed with food, so we point and laugh at chubby people like a bunch of demonic third graders. We are obsessed with religion, so every other joke features a priest, a rabbi, a nun, a preacher, or all of them.

So if somebody makes fun of you for being fat, just remember that they’re just envious, since you get to eat real food and they’re getting sick to death of that wretched soy shake they hafta drink. That’s what I do, anyway.

Nothing I write about any person or group should be applied to a larger group.

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I’m a weensie person, in both height & weight. And have red hair to boot, so enough of the “elf” jokes…
I do wanna say that all the ladies who have posted here are among my faves on this board;, sharp, witty, articulate, passionate, and zesty. In other words, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Fuck those idiots who can’t see anything beyond some plastic cartoon beer commercial image. GGGGGRRRRR! I’d like to jump up & kick 'em in the kneecaps!

The most beautiful woman I know happens to be 5’11’ barefoot and well over 200 lbs. She is also funny, the warmest hearted person alive and also my sister. Her husband is 5" shorter, as round as he is tall, and simply the kindest, smartest, most decent guy you could ever meet. (BTW, they are nuts in love with each other, and seem to make friends of just about everybody they meet.)

I’m 5’11" too, but much lighter due to inheriting a different bone structure from some weird shallow spot in the gene pool. Just a totally random roll of the genetic dice. So my nickname was just “Moose” for my extreme height.
My sister suffered for years, dieting to illness and trying to look like models. It was awful, seeing how much she hated herself for not matching some bizarre fashion standard. (Remember Twiggy?) It wasn’t until she got comfortable in her own skin that people noticed beautiful she is.
GuanoLad nailed it: people notice and mock the obvious first. It’s shallow, and reflects more on the joker than the target. That said, I suspect some of the Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky jokes arose more from dislike of what they’d done, and the physical appearance carried a more visceral punch.

Byz, anyone who passes judgment on you because of your weight is missing the essentials. And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, I’d like you to meet my sis, another smart, funny, big woman.