I fended off church ladies!

Woo-hoo! Yesterday I was in the middle of waxing my floor when I glanced out the window and saw a gaggle of women in dresses congregated on the street corner opposite my house. Having seen such gatherings before, I pegged them as proselytizing church ladies. They were all cuddling books, for one thing. And I’d been spotted!

Thinking quickly, I grabbed a piece of memo paper and wrote in marker “Please do not disturb” upon it. Then I taped it to my front door and went about my business.

Shortly afterward, the youngest member of the group strolled up my front walkway. The moment of truth was upon me. But, hallelujah, she walked away after seeing my sign. My doorbell was not rung!

Made my day.

Then I got a polite telemarketer that evening. He gave me a chance to speak shortly after he began, at which point I told him he was the fourth person from AT&T to call me within a week, and for the fourth time, would they please take my number off their list. And he politely said he would!

I always thought it took torches, pitchforks, and answering the door naked to fend off church ladies. You make it sound so easy bluethree

Naked Door Answering is good too. Especially if I’m knocking on the door.

Our neighborhood gets Church Kids - the bus drives into the cul-de-sac and spews forth an assortment of teens and pre-teens. If I’m at my computer, I see all this happening. This is the one time my dogs come in handy - I crack the door open holding one by the harness and straddling the other to keep her from going out. The kids don’t know what to do. I tell them I can’t talk and they leave. Good doggies.