I finally mailed my Mother's Day card. But I am NOT a procrastinator.

Nope. Already sent her one, and she did receive it before Mother’s Day. But the one I just mailed is the FIRST one I bought back in April, and put in a safe place so I wouldn’t lose it. Guess what? I couldn’t remember where I stashed it for safety, so had to purchase another one. I was just cleaning out my file cabinet, and found the card in between two folders, where it had migrated from the front of the drawer where I now remember stashing it.

In all honesty the second one was prettier, but I still feel obligated to send this one.

And yes, I did consider saving this one for next year, but apart from the fact it may get damaged in the meantime, I would again stash it so safely I wouldn’t find it until Labor Day next year.

At least mom will be surprised. Pleasantly, I hope.

If you really loved her, you’d send one for two years from now.

Heh. If there was a chance you’d remember where the heck you’d put it, I’d say you should have held onto it and given it to her next year!

So it’s better to be a scatterbrain than a procrastinator? :slight_smile: