I finished a model! (at the request of Chromaticity)

In a previous thread, I asked for some help with Chinese ideograms for use on a model I was building, and a number of Dopers were kind enough to help me–thanks again, you guys!

One of my helpers, chromaticity, who went to a lot of effort, asked me to share pictures when the model was finished, and so here we go:

The year is 1898, and above an overgrown temple to some forgotten and terrible god, the Imperial Chinese aeronef “Ocean Wind” is repelling a single (albeit very large) boarder.

Front three-quarter view


Rear three-quarter

Green eyes

Here’s a link to my Photobucket album, where there are more pictures:

Just for fun (well, a sort of obsessive-compulsive fun :rolleyes: ), I tallied up all the parts that went into this model. Not counting the foam for the scenery, there are 1079 parts you’re lookin’ at here, 14 of which came from the original kit.

Holy Cow that’s fantastic!

Very cool.

If I may toot your horn for you… check out some of the other model on Rocketeer’s Photobucket site:

That is some awesome imagination.

Are some of these commissioned pieces? Or is it all for personal fun?


No, the ones there on Photobucket are all for personal fun. I’ve built a model car or two on commission, but it kinda sucks all the fun out :wink: :smiley:

I originally thought this was inspired by the Albatross from Master of the World, but upon Googling “aeronef” I see the genre is much wider than that.

Very cool models, Rocketeer! I remember seeing your models from previous threads and I especially liked the van ship.

If you don’t mind me barging in on your thread, I’d like to show off my previous birthday gift from my boyfriend: the Yugo Tank. It’s mostly scratch built except for the wheels and the barrel at the back of the tank. I’d asked him to make me one for my birthday last year after we had a conversation about WW2 tanks. We both enjoy Soviet and Cold War styling for its kitsch value and the conversation eventually drifted to the aesthetic value of marrying a Yugo car design to a tank. So now I’m the proud owner of the world’s only (miniature) Yugo Tank!

It was inspired by Master of the World’s Albatross–and once long ago I stumbled across a bunch of web pages with some kind of roleplaying games featuring aeronefs, so that’s probably an influence, too. :slight_smile:

A Yugo tank, eh? What a cutie!

Whoo! Thanks
Looks great!
I don’t know how I missed this thread…
It looks exactly like I imaged it would.
I love the little sailors aiming for Irving :slight_smile:

It’s always a treat to see an expertly crafted labor of love.

Both modelers projects are excellent.

And a yugo tank … whodathunkit!

Thanks! An update: I took the Aeronef to Wonderfest, the premier sci-fi/fantasy model show in the US, and received a Gold and (completely unexpectedly) Best Starship! I was grinning for three days straight! :wink:

Thats awesome.

Congrats - easy to see why!

Wow, that’s fabulous! Good work!!

That’s a great update! :slight_smile: