I Forgot to Put On Deodorant Today... And I Have A Date After Work

Today of all days I forget to put on deodorant and I have a date after work. My first date in 1 1/2 years since my wife left. I wont be able to go home and shower before my date so I’m going to go to Target or Wal-Mart and get some deodorant, a new under shirt, and some baby wipes. And now my stomach’s hurting. I think I’m just going to postpone this till a later time.

Don’t postpone. Your plan sounds like an excellent one, and should take care of any problems, and if you postpone, the “first dateness” thing will take on bigger and bigger proportions.

Being nervous is perfectly natural! It’s okay! Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Answer – it turns out you’re not soulmates. No biggie. At least you’ll get out and have a nice dinner (or see a movie or whatever you’re doing).

Go get 'em, tiger – and remember to let us know how it goes.

I hate forgetting deodorant. That’s why I’ve taken to keeping one at home, one at work, and one in the car. I’ve even been known to keep one in my pocket when going out for a while. You may think that’s sick, but you won’t like the alternative.

Don’t postpone!!! Go for it. You have a sound plan. Where are you going to take her? Going to Guavaween tomorrow?

Oh, and may I suggest while you’re in walmart or target, you go over the the cologne stand and “Try” one of their samples! No need to buy the whole thing when all you need is a couple squirts. :smiley:

So, amp, how’d it go last night?

Not sure. It seemed to go OK for the majority of the night but towards the end it seemed that she just couldn’t wait to get home. But then again I haven’t dated since high school so I may just be perceiving things wrong.

Now, the next problem is what to do next? The last thing I told her was that I she had my number. If she wanted to go out again to give me a call. Do I leave it at that and hope she calls or do I do that three day thing and call her on the third day after the date? Yeah, I know, pathetic.

Next, you date one (or a bunch) of her friends and see if she gets jealous.

On second thought, don’t take my advice. I was never very good at dating. Hope things work out for you.

Amp – does she want to go out with you again is actually the second question you need an answer to – the first is, do you want to go out with her again?

I would say don’t leave it up to her to call. Sure, that’s the low-risk route. But she may figure you’re not interested, or wimpy, if you completely put the ball in her court.

twickster has it right: figure out if you want to see her again. Then either call her or don’t. What’s the worst that could happen? She says no? So what. If she says yes, it’ll have been worth it.

And a little tip: Get tickets to something-- a concert, a football game, whatever-- and when you call her, you’ll have something definite to ask her. Plus it makes it look like you actually want to do something specific. Not just a vague “Hey, you want to do something again?” type thing.

Plus if she likes football or the band that’s playing, and she still isn’t sure if things are clicking with you, she’ll probably say yes just so she can go to the event. And that gives you another chance to wow her with your charm, good looks and all-around style.

And if she’s actually interested in you already, of course she’ll say yes to going.
My 2 cents.