I fought ignorance and won!

We have this little industry publication that goes around. It’s part almanac, part newsletter, with jobs, hints, tips - and stuff to talk about when you’re on the radio.

Last issue, the editor included a bunch of those little factoids that “everybody knows”, including a couple that were wrong (Coke was once green, that kind of thing). So I emailed him with Snopes links.

The new edition came out yesterday - with my email on the back page, retractions of the false legends and the Snopes link, plus a promise that he’ll check his stuff before he prints it.

It’s only a small victory, but I take my wins where I find 'em. :slight_smile:

I wish the folks I email Snopes links to would acknowledge me the way that guy did! At least he is willing to be educated, not so some of the people that email me glurge.