I found a digital camera in the woods.

I found this story on MetaFilter theoretically about a camera found in the woods with pictures that when viewed seem to suggest zombie stalkers, haunted woods, ruins, evil creatures(cat spiders?) in the fog and maybe even a murder.

Although it is certainly a hoax and credited to a member of Something Awful (can’t find it on their site but I’m not a member of the forums) it is very well done and has been stolen and posted in numerous forums.


that’s one thing I like about the ‘dope’.

i was at a cycling forum where a guy put that up as if he found the camera. a few posts later he said it disturbed him, so he put the camera back.

friggin’ liar.

that’s one thing I like about the ‘dope’.

i was at a cycling forum where a guy put that up as if he found the camera. a few posts later he said it disturbed him, so he put the camera back.

friggin’ liar.

creepy pictures.

Yeah I found at least half a dozen “authors” in about 5 minutes and I didn’t even search that hard.

Google results

Good hoax. They should have put fewer “things” in the pictures, just one or two shadows or reflections. Pretty good still though.

I saw the original thread in SA. The original pics didn’t show anything special. It just contained some cool pictures that anyone (with some effort) can take.

The original was posted Aug 20th. He may have cross posted it around.

Here’s the link to the original (minus the pictures apparently).


The original pictures did have the added spooks and hell monkeys. It was confirmed on the second page when the original author posted a larger version on a picture on request and the larger version was unedited (minus hell monkeys).

Hah, you’re right. I guess this didn’t originate on SA.

Oh man, I can’t see the pictures on any of the sites. Says something about the pictures being banned from the forums. What’s up?

The pics show up on this thread for me - at least the annotated ones.

It definitely originated in the Something Awful forum - the poster called *bluremi is responsible. As far as I can ascertain, the pics were taken in the Catskill Mountains near Woodstock, NY, mostly around the ruined Overlook Mountain Hotel, and later Photoshopped, by him.

I saw those, and they’re really pretty cool. A fun idea.

Photoshopped additions aside, I’d really love to know where that place is.


(That website is pretty nifty; several of the sites they visit are places I’ve been to myself, and in fact I grew up less than a mile away from the railroad depot in Stuyvesant they have a page for. Sometimes, however, they get a little too uppity/“small-town upstaters are so mindless and unappreciative and lesser than folks from the city” for my taste.)

Here’s one where the guy admits that he did it w/the help of a friend.


The guy who did it is a poster on Something Awful. You can watch the whole thing unfold (along with people posting choicer “sucker” bits from the other forums where people who were not the original photoshopper chose to spread the hoax, including the one you linked to) by clicking on badmana’s link.

Dang, I was hoping that this thread would be about a bear who had swallowed a digital camera.

Those pictures are really cool even without the photoshopping… the ones of that tower are especially creepy.

They are cool. It’s a shame that bluremi on the SA boards messed up by posting an unmodified version (assuming that wasn’t deliberate).

Most of the Photoshopping was done very well, but the one that most people spotted first (with the Predator-like figure in the mist) was not so good. It was the “obvious” one that alerted most people to the fact there was something odd going on, but it would have been the giveaway for me. The one with the humanoid figure on the skyline through the trees was excellent, as was the man reflected in the mirror/window at the top of the tower.