I found a nut on the Internet

This guy is a truely original nutcase. He promises to tell us the truth about women.

From what I can decipher, he believes that all modern women suffer from a hormone inbalance. This in turn causes them to do all kinds of evil actions. Supposably he has some predictions for the future, but I am not there yet.

An inspired nut. Finding nuts on the internet, isn’t hard. This one is rather inspired and unwilling to let stuff like “Facts” or “Expirmental Data” contaminate his reasoning.


Heh. “In other words regular women’s underdeveloped forms are not mere their anatomic features or outward qualities, but undeniable visual symptoms of some serious hormonal disturbance. Usually we can’t notice these crying signs of disease just because all women bear them. It is one of the cases when something regular is wrongly considered normal. Only the comparison with the Ancient Indian Buddhist carvings reveals this mistake.”

The solution is obviously more power-sucking of feminine nipplage. And I, for one, am prepared to selflessly volunteer myself for this daunting task.

Yeah, I am a walking, talking hormonally challenged female.

adopts the “Valley girl” tone of voice quicker than the blink of an eye


bah bah bah! tries again disdainfully


Dammit, the site’s exceeded its bandwidth limit. I guess I’ll have to wait to check out this guy’s ravings, assuming my hormonal imbalance doesn’t drive me to do something evil out of impatience.

Yes it is always an indication of how seriously dedicated a person is to their Internet crusade when they have to resort to a free website provider (in this case Tripod).

I know it’s your homones and everything, but y’all better stop dissing my homepage.


Do I need to point out that I was joking and don’t really own that website?



That’s some nice back-pedaling, there. Misogynist!


Blimey, the site has already been Doped - “Bandwidth exceeded”.

If you like nutcases on the net, try www.timecube.com. He’s picked a fairly non-controversial topic, but his insanity is clearly on display for all. I feel sorry for someone in his condition, but I have to admit it’s sorta funny at the same time. Scary-funny.

Only one?

Women and hormones? How trite is that?

Timecube is old hat. Try this guy for some special wackiness:

A representative sample:

I think we killed the site.

OK, I did it. For the sake of the SDMB I actually read every word of Timecube, so you don’t have to. This strikes me as the most beautifully phrased sentence of the whole thing:

OK sir… now put the keyboard down and step away from the internet.

I’m not so sure that the topic is non-controversial. I’ve never even been able to figure out what the topic is, but it does seem to hint at anti-semitism in places. From his page titled ARE YOU JEWISH:

Wow. That timecube site is something else. How does that guy get through a regular day? I didn’t read the whole thing (how could you?), but I did find this little gem, which I may actually put in my sig.

“Life is based upon a perfect math or your arm would be too short to wipe your butt.”

Sadly, I too think the SDMBers killed the site in the OP.