I give. What is "Bukaki"?

As a guilty pleasure I listen to Howard Stern sometimes on the way in to work. They use some unfamiliar terminology on occasion, most of which I can figure out from context. However, I’ve never been able to figure out what “bukaki” is. I googled it once and came up with what appeared to be non-work-safe links, so I immediately shut down.

So who can define this mysterious term for me?

Safe link.

The Japanese word bukkake (or bukkakeru) simply means to splash or pour liquid on something. Bukkake-gohan is miso soup poured onto a bowl of gohan (plain rice). Unfortunately only the pornographic meaning of the word has entered the English lexicon.

I guess I’ll have to remember not to laugh if I’m ever offered bukkake by a Japanese host.

I’ll have to remember not to run!


I suppose you’ve heard Howard play the sound clip of Tom Brokaw pronoucing a Pakistani city 'Bukkake"? Hilarious.

What was the word for Japanese Poo Eating? I had thought that was also called Bukaki.

I dunno… “shitake”? :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pointless story: I got caught in one of the threads around because I had to go look up Aishwarya Rai (E. Indian actress) but knew what bukkake was without looking it up.

I’m still embarrassed over that one. I’m E. Indian, by the way.

SwearToPrimus, I once knew a Japanese girl with the last name “Takeshita” (pronounced tak-a-shit-a)…

A Japanese Prime Minister had the same name

At least when it comes to bukkake: the goggles, they do something (for a change).

I don’t know, but I do know that they like it in Nagasaki. :smiley:

They don’t do much if you’re on the recieving end of it.

Any woman undergoing that particular jollity had better wear goggles. The stuff is extremely irritating if you get it in your eyes. Have fun, kids, but be sure to keep it out of your eyes!

That last name would be pronounced Tah-kah-shee-tah.


When we were in college, my brother worked in the bursars office and once had the pleasure of issuing a student loan to “Phat Phuk Ho.”

The shitake joke was great. But there is a Japanese perversion where a woman eats only sented herbs for a few days, and then her poo is eaten by people whom I guess pay lots of money for the experience. I had thought that was what was known as bukaki which seems to be wrong according to the wiki article. Does anyone know what the poo eating is called, or at least able to confirm that it is a real activity and not some sort of urban perv legend?

If there is something that people have a sexual fetish about, the Japanese have probably made movies about it. I swear that if you have an elbow fetish there is a Japanese company with a line of elbow porn.