I got a JOB!

Hallelujah! I finally got hired! Starting Monday, I will be the Membership Coordinator at one of those posh members-only clubs where rich people go to eat and hang out with other rich people, after they’ve paid dues and things like that. Totally out of my social sphere, but that’s okay. :slight_smile: This is great, because in addition to schmoozing with members, keeping track of them, and handling applications, I get to be the event coordinator for member events! That’s perfect, because I want to go into wedding and event coordinating eventually. It’s a pay cut from what I was earning at my dot-com, but it’s in my career path and there’s TONS of room for advancement.

So I’m really excited! I was getting bored, being unemployed. Not to mention broke. :wink:

So I should be becoming more of a regular here again, since I’ll have a connection at work! Good thing, too, I was missing you all. :slight_smile:

Congrats, stargazer! I know, at least in my area, that the job market isn’t exactly the best (which is why I’M staying in a job I hate rather than finding a new one! :wink: ) Good luck with it, and I hope it does lead you to even better things!

Shoot. You’re young. You’ve got your health. What you want with a job?


It sounds like you’ve found more than just a job with a little “j” stargazer. It sounds like something you feel like you can lay into.


'Luck with it, friend.