I got a quarter in my change - in Australia!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a US quarter dollar coin before, but I got one in change yesterday evening, in southern Sydney. Reckon it was from the fish & chip shop.

This one’s got a dude (Washington?) with a bad haircut on one side, and what looks to be a couple of bison on the other, with North Dakota 1889 - 2006. I guess it’s a commemorative thing. Around the edge, the plating seems to have worn off, as there is a definite coppery strip, all the way around.

I’d always imagined a quarter would be bigger, more the size of our 20¢, but it’s closest to our 10¢ (maybe a mm larger in diameter), which is what I’m guessing it was posing as in my change. The best part is, with the current exchange rate (US67¢ to the AU$), I paid 10¢ for a coin worth 37¢. I must eat more hamburgers and dim sims, I’ll be rich, rich I say!

Now, if anyone in the US wants to send me all their bank account details and passwords, I’d be happy return this quarter to it’s country of origin. :wink:

You guess correctly: 50 State Quarters Program

Also, they always look coppery around the edge, even brand-new.

Excuse me. Did you just say that George Washington had a bad haircut??? :mad:

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY talks shit about George!

I personally declare war on Australia.

Easy to do now that the Navy is on vacation.

Start a collection of coins from other countrys.

chicken wire?, I was over in your land this summer (very nice country btw) and I was quite fascinated by your bills. The are all plasticy. Very nice except if your trying to fold up a few extra to fit in your neck wallet.

They’re all like that. The U.S. quarter is what they call a (snicker) Johnson sandwich. The joke practically writes itself.

From here.

Btw Kennedy has a mohawk on the 50 cent piece.

George can handle it himself. (video) The entire nation of Australia better beware.

You’re probably right, I should apologise for dissing his hair. It’s almost certainly a bad wig. :smiley:

Yeah, our polymer banknotes are supposedly the best in the world. I know I can’t get enough of them.

I’ll send you another quarter if you send me a twenty cent piece. That would be fun.

Damn right it’s a bad wig!

You’re probably going to be snarking on his wooden teeth next. Sheesh.

He’s not smiling on the quarter, so I’ll take your word on the timber choppers. :dubious:

reads Wikipedia, finds childhood tales shattered Looks like we weren’t told the truth! If the sources are correct, he powdered his hair, and his false teeth were never wooden, usually mixes of ivory and real teeth.

He had a long history of dental pain, and the article references apparent visible discomfort in portraits of him.

:: sticks fingers in ears and sings “la la la I can’t hear you!” ::

Yanno, Australia doesn’t have a Navy. It’s land locked. I hear the skiing is wunderbar.

Oh yeah? What about him then?

Well, that explains a few things.

I work somewhat near San Francisco Airport, and have recieved, as a cashier, change from nearly 50 different countries. I love it - if it’s a country or denomination I don’t have, I buy it from the register and add it to my collection.

I’ve got a coin here with some dude with a vacant stare shambling along on one side and the word “BRAINS!” on the other, it’s dated 2008.