I got accused of being a spammer!

I’m on Ok Cupid to meet new people. I’m NOT looking for a relationship but trying to make some new friends in my area. I’ve gotten tired of composing long messages about why I feel I have a lot in common with the person I’m responding to so I’ve switched to just writing something short about myself and making it clear that I am ONLY looking to make new friends and I am NOT looking for a relationship.

Well I replied to one last night and today I received an replay saying that she didn’t think we would be compatible for a relationship. I replied thanking her for the courtesy to at least reply to me and stated again that I am not looking for a relationship but trying to make new friends and she responded that she doesn’t talk to spammers.

Just wanted to share.

Did you offer her discount Viagra?

Or discount v1@gR@?

That sounds like she’s a spammer. With an auto reply.


Just kidding.