I GOT CARDED! hahhahaha!

Yes, I was in a bar on Sat. The waitress came over to take drink orders and were all deciding what to get when she points at me and says she needs to see my ID!! Ha ha ha!! Well, I didn’t think she was too serious, so I was in no hurry to get it out, but it was true, she wanted to see it! Oh, I couldn’t help but laugh gleefully as my best friend protested: “Hey, she’s not that much younger than me!!” hee hee! (Poor Best Friend! This is the second time I’ve been carded going out with her!! But last time was like two years ago! We don’t get out much, sigh…)

And hey, it didn’t even get me down when, after I show the waitress my license, she said, “Oh, wow,” like she’d discovered a dinosaur bone or something! hee hee!

haha! I got carded!

Oh, i suppose might wanna know my AGE now. Well, what difference does it make, I don’t look old enough to drink!! hee hee hahahah!

Yeah, I gave her a big fat tip! She probably does that “ID check” bit that for a living! I bet it works every time!
ha ha ha!!!
A girl

Go to Salt Lake City. The “Private Clubs” there will card you 'til you’re thirty. The only reason they exist is to sell liquor, so if they lose their licenses they lose their raison d’etre (One day I am going to make up a recipe for “raisin deeters”, whose only reason to exist will be to have raisins in them, so I can call them “Raisin Deeters”. But I digress too much), so they are ultra-cautious and card EVERYONE. But it’s a great boost for the ego.

I don’t get how my husband with whom I went to high school doesn’t even get a second look, but I get carded whenever we’re together. I guess he just looks like a dirty old man going out with me. :smiley: It happened three this summer. We only went out 3 times this summer.

I love it when the ID checker is male and he blushes when he sees it. Maybe I should where my wedding ring. LOL

three times this summer. Gee whiz! :rolleyes:

I was carded about a month ago at the Kwik-Trip in town when I was buying some beer. I’m 32. Of course the clerk came back with the old “Oh wow. Yep, you’re old enough alright. Bet I just made your day, huh?”

To which I replied, “Sorry, but it takes a little more than that.”

Incidently I was also carded while buying cigarettes in Indiana when I was 28!

I can do you one better then that Gazoo.

I was carded at my local grocery store last week by some 17 year old high school boy. When he saw my drivers license he said “You are starting to get to that age where this is a compliment huh?”

I am only 25!! I am NOT getting to that age yet. I am not getting to any “that age” yet. I still expect to be carded.

Boy that kid made me feel old. :rolleyes:

Zumba, just wait until you get called “M’am”. I always feel old when someone says “Sir” to me.

My wife is 35, and if she answers the door, she’ll still get asked “Are your parents home?”

I think the last time I got carded I was about 38 or so. It made my day. And I’ll bet that WAS the last time.


Over the summer I had a doctor’s appointment, and when I went to sign in the receptionist asked if anyone had come with me. My first thought was that I wouldn’t be able to drive (it was a very minor surgical procedure). She then asked me if I was over 18.

I was. And I had been for over seven years.

I’ve been told that I look about 16, so the doctor’s office thing wasn’t unusual. What does surprise me is that despite how young I look, I’ve been addressed as “ma’am” since high school. I still can’t figure that one out.

A few months ago I did a double-take when someone called me “Miss” – it had been so long.

Apparently I sound like a child on the phone sometimes, because every few months someone asks to speak to my mother. I tell them she doesn’t live here, but would they like to speak to my husband? Gets them every time. Ask for the person by name, you dunderheads!

On the carding issue, a few years ago my three college girlfriends and I went out with our fellas on a nostalgia tour of the bars we used to hang out in. We didn’t get carded until the third one. College kids, back me up on this one – you keep your ID handy so you can whip it out for the bouncer, right? The first three of us had to dig in our purses/wallets trying to find the darn thing. Mine wouldn’t come out of the little window in my wallet. Of course we were all early 30’s. Mr. Scarlett was fourth in line. When the bouncer saw the gray hair in his beard and the 1955 birthdate on his DL, he gave up and waved us all through.

I get carded constantly. I know I look young, but my goal in life is to look 20 someday. I’m 27 and get the wierdest looks when people actually see my ID.

The worst time- I was on a date- I was paying, 'cause I asked him out, so I pay, right? anyway, we were going to see some movie, R rated. I was 26 at the time. I got carded for the tickets!

And I have a friend, who is 5 years younger than me-if we go out together, I get carded, she doesn’t. She just tells me sha hates me. :wink:

My little brother and I go out to dinner and I get carded but he doesn’t!

Several people, upon meeting said little brother, have asked, “Oh, so how much older is he than you?” Grrrr…he happens to be five years younger!!

It’s been eons since I was carded, but the first time it ever happened, I was over 21. Near as I can figure, when I was younger, I dressed older, so it never came up, but the older I got, the sloppier I got. There’s logic in there somewhere.
Still, no one cards you when you’re 46… unless they’re looking for AARP cards… <sigh>

In May I was at Balley’s casino in Atlantic City and got stopped (with my female boss) 3 count 'em 3 times by security and carded. And not in a “well, we just gotta know” way, but in a “Hey! What the heck do you think you’re doing” way. It kicked ass- (I’ll be 30 in November).

I love getting carded, hate being called M’am. (although my friend from the South says it’s custom and not be be offended)


Yes, in the south you call any female stranger “Ma’am” if you have any manners at all. My mother being southern, I call 16 year old girls “Ma’am”. (The age of the person you would call Ma’am would be directly proportionate to your own age. I don’t expect a 70 year old to call me Ma’am. They would call me “Young Lady”. I’m sorry I don’t know the formula, it’s just a social thing. Maybe like if they are young enough to have been your child they are then a “young lady”.)

I don’t mind Ma’am, but I HATE “Young Lady”!! I know it’s a southern thing and I know it’s not meant to be a put-down, but I still hate it. I always hear it as “Just WHAT do you think you’re doing, young lady?” or “Aren’t you the perfect young lady…”

I’m an engineer. I get paid big money to make Navy aircraft safer as their service life is extended. I wear a name tag - call me by my name, call me Ma’am, call me “Hey you” but NOT YOUNG LADY!!!

OK, I’m calm now… back to my mantra: 9 more years till retirement 9 more years till retirement…

I still get carded every now and then; I’m 29. I did a test in a women’s magazine recently that gave the age of my skin as 16. Pretty cool, but I don’t drink enough water (and too much caffeine), so my face isn’t as hydrated as it should be, and I do have small lines when I smile.

I’m sure Mr. Grey and I make quite the pair to strangers. He’s 5 years older, looks it, and is also going grey, so he looks like he robbed the cradle.

OK, so I’m the boob here. A few months ago new neighbors moved in. One day I say a guy there and i talked to him for a while. He looked fortyish (although I am very bad with ages). A few days later I see a woman in the yard and when she is introducing herself (and I am totally distracted by her gorgeous boobs) I say “Yeah, I already talked to your dad” and she says <cough> that’s my husband <cough>. Boy, did I ever feel silly. (But I still like to look at her) Later I found out thay have three kids.

At 39, can’t remember the last time I was carded. Now the lovely Mrs D, 7 months my junior, gets carded regularly.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my wife, and she is quite attractive. But, I’m sorry dear, you look at least 21 and a couple of months.

My favorite example was when we were having an X-mas party a couple of years back. She was in the grocery store doing the booze run. Had a cart full of a couple of hundred bucks worth of premium liquor, a bunch of liqueurs, champagne, premium beer, etc. Not my usual purchases, and, pardon my assumption, but not what I would expect most underage folk to try to get away with. The checkout guy cards her and, for whatever reason, she has her wallet but not her driver’s license. She has her attorney registration card (which you, duh, have to go to 3 years of school post-college to get.) She had pictures of our lovely kids which I guess they figured she started cranking out at 12 or so, while she was in law school. She had her platinum charge cards. Her check book with check number how many thousand and a register showing how many house payments, etc. And she had a bunch of other “circumstantial evidence.” But they wouldn’t budge. Once they asked her for an ID, they were legally barred from selling it if she didn’t produce one.

sailor, scuse me, but if you are a boob – I thought you were trying to suggest the neighbor lady was attractive. In the spirit of neighborliness, you should offer to rub on some vapor rub to help her with that nasty cough.

For the record, I’m 34.

I thought a couple of years ago was really it, and I was really surprised when the waitress asked to see my ID.

A girl