I Got Glasses and a Duff Beer Mug

I had to get glasses today. I’ve got stylin’ Armani frames. Now, I can flip out the black case with the understated Georgio Armani logo on it and be pimpin’. So welcome me to the glasses-wearing fraternity, or whatever.

And I also got a Homer Simpson mug from Spencer’s. And it’s got a huge, beautiful DUFF BEER logo on the side. Sniff. It goes nice with my “I Spent My Reward On Ale And Whores” Stein.

Congrats on the specs, GMR.

I love designer specs! I’ve got a pair of Jean LaFonts (wearing them now), a pair of Paul Smith by Oliver Peoples and a pair of a/p lab specs.

They’re pricey but, hey, they’re on my face.

The Duff Beer mug sounds cool but I want one that says Fudd Beer on it!

Yes, I wasn’t planning on it, but the Spanish lady at Lenscrafters wouldn’t be denied. Plus, well, they look pretty good and fit real nice. I assume, I am a glasses virgin. I didn’t even realize it until I pulled out the case and saw “Gergio Armani” on it.

“Ha!” says I. “I got an Armani case!”

And then I look at that little writing on the inside of my glasses.

“Ah! No wonder I paid so much!”

Welcome from another member of the Armani fraternity (or in my case, sorority)! I’ve had mine for years (had them refilled – new lenses – at least once, maybe twice). I love my black case – it’s where I keep my ultra-cool Armani prescription sunglasses.

Sorry folks, still waiting for a “Bear Whiz Beer” mug.

Seen Firesign live many times, had a dog named Bear, only need the mug.

Any questions?

PS: B&L Aviator’s man myself, ever since 1973.