I got into college again!

Yeah! I got the acceptance letter from UW-Madison this morning.

Now I have to fax back my confirmation, set up a visit, talk to the dean, drop all my classes at Beloit and I should be set.

UWM’s acceptance letters have “YES!” printed on the envelopes. Which, I think, begs the question - do their rejection letters have “NO!” printed on the envelopes?

I would hope not. It would suck to have the mail carrier shake his head and look pityingly at you as he handed you the mail, saying “With all those SAT study packets I delivered I really expected better of you.”

Congrats, Dao!

Did you ever get my e-mail about Madison? I used to live there, and would be happy to tell you anything you want to know about the city.

Yep, I got it… but a lot of the questions I had about Madison were answered by people I know here who’d grown up there.