I got kittens!

Two of them, both all black. My friend’s cat had kittens and they’ve got more than enough already so we volunteered to take a couple.

No names for them yet, as there is dissention among the housemates. I say that Phobos and Deimos are the way to go, but others disagree. Pictures will come if I can either steal my GFs digital camera or if we’re willing to accept camera-phone quality.

Feel free to share stories, advice, whatever.

Not until we get pictures. You know the rules.

Camera phone quality will do until you get something better, but, we need our kitten fix NOW! :slight_smile:
All seriousness aside, congratulations on becoming a pet.

Cool names





Advice: Post pictures NOW! We demand pictures!

Havoc and Chaos are cool names too. Now make with the kitten pics!

Havoc and Chaos are the names of two of our cats!
Is that an angry mob I see over there with the pitchforks?

In the meantime, a rerun of the outdoor kittens. Following the checkmark, left to right, they are: Bandit, TriTip, Chaos, Rebar and Smokey.

Don’t make me report this post to the mods for violation of the no-kitten-threads-without-pictures rule.

How much longer for the pictures?

Well, while we’re waiting, here’s a video of a kitten playing with a Macbook Pro.


I dread to think what the state of the screen would be after those claws had been all over it. I love my cats, and they can play with my toes as much as their little hearts desire, but I would firmly dissuade them from playing with my laptop. :wink:

Oh, and insert obligatory joke about there not being a mouse involved…

I swear to god. Next time I see a kitten thread, I may just have to get one.

We have an almost-all-black cat named Sal, and he’s great. I wish you many happy years of cat ownership (I won’t say who’s gonna own whom). You’ll probably hear from others, and even though it’s mostly based on urban legends… I suggest you keep your cats indoors around Halloween. Too many crazies out there.

Here’s some kitties to peruse until the new kids on the block arrive:

Oh…and that Kitten-and-Laptop video is to die for! But I bet the screen is trashed.

I’d like to thank all of you that are posting pictures to keep those like me appeased until our good friend, Ender_Will comes through with his offering.

I have mentioned once today, here that it was a bad day for the kitty pic rules…and it’s making me craaaaaazy!!

Happened upon these pics last night. The last few in the slideshow aren’t cats, but are cool too. Really talented photographer, I thought….

Oh, and Ender_Will? Pictures, please. :smiley:


In the meantime…congratulations!