I got paid today! I got paid today!

This is outstanding news because I did not expect to get paid until Monday. Hooyah bank holidays; hooyah a small minority of banks taking an extra day off for being lazy. (Bank error in my favor? I’ll never tell). When I checked my bank account I expected a true carnival of horrors. Instead there was my friendly pittance there, smiling back at me. Made all the more friendly by coming to me right before the weekend. I’m getting smashed! Drinks all around!

Sweet. Looks like I got paid yesterday. And it looks like I got my quarterly attendance bonus too.

And I get Monday and Tuesday off, Friday’s a normal day off, and I’m telecommuting on Wednesday. So only $35 in gas to go to work this week. :slight_smile:

Hey, I got paid yesterday, too. I didn’t think I was getting paid until Monday, so I didn’t even check until just now. Unexpected money is always welcome in my bank account.

I paid myself on Thursday, plus gave myself a nice Xmas bonus (extra 2 weeks’ pay). Happy Christmas to me!


Oh, yeah, I paid everybody else in our company too! Just not my SIL’s company’s employees, who will get paid on Monday. Sorry, girls, I ran out of time… :frowning: