I got the new job jitters

So I moved to a new city to get a new job since the market was dry where I was. I started on Monday. Man, do I ever have a case of anxiety and mood swings over it though. I know it happens, especially since I have a history of anxiety and depression, but I guess I’m looking for some reassurance from my homies (ha!) here at the Dope. I mean, I just have to stick it out for a few more weeks and I’m sure I’ll adjust, but it’s hard in the meantime. It’s just such a different environment from my last job. No one really talks here, and they are way more strict about breaks and it’s a longer workday.

So please just give me your stories of ‘oh my god, what am I doing here?!’ turning into ‘this job is cool’. :cool:

I was always told to give a job at least 30 days before jumping ship.

Sorry, but can’t give you any good experiences. My jobs have always gone from “this job is so cool” to “oh my god what am I doing here”!

I suppose it depends on the job. My last job, I knew after one day that it was terrible. My boss quit the day I started. The head of the group was an abusive lunatic. The people were not surprisingly apathetic and disinterested. The office was in a shitty location. But a lot of those problems went away 6 months later with the combination of layoffs and the brand new Midtown office.

My new job (a consulting manager in the Big 4), the expectation is that it will take me about 6 months just to learn all the ins and outs of my job.