I got your baloons right here, CNN

Nice going there…

I got your question mark right here.

ahem… where was I? Oh yeah. Not bad enought to slander the baloons over an accidental live mic, then you’ve got to belabor the issue during the climax of the convention. Slick.

What in the name of our dark lord Satan himself are you talking about?

I liked the balloons, myself.

Minutes ago, during their coverage of the Democratic national convention, just after John Kerry finished his acceptance speech, the voice of the director could be heard over a live mic demanding “balloons, balloons, more baloons. Give me some confetti!” and suchlike for several minutes, suffixed by the director pondering out loud just what the fuck was wrong with the balloon guys. Obviously not intentional, but couldn’t someone have alerted the guy that he was live? They had time to get a notice on screen to the effect of ‘voice of Whatshisname, director.’ Ouch.

FUCK CNN! FUCK MSNBC! FUCK FOX!!! FUCK THE NETWORKS! Even, and I never thought I would say this, but FUCK PBS and NPR!

Shame on ALL of them for sabatoging the Democratic National Convention all the way through!

We finally have a ray of hope, and they just can’t stand it!
Yay C-Span, even though they can’t help but put on idiot callers.

To quote comrade Lord Ashtar, What in the name of our dark lord Satan himself are you talking about?

Well, that line explains everythingo about you, though I thought Satan was more discriminating with higher standards.

It ‘compassionate satanism’, you know.

Me, too. I watched most of the thing on PBS. I thought they did a good job of it. Ten minutes of Larry King and Bob Dole was more than I could handle. So what’s the problem?

pinko :wink:

I’m pretty sure CNN wasn’t responsible for fucking up the balloons.

They weren’t fucked up until CNN turned on the mike. As far as the audience knew, that is.


Link from Drudge.

It was the director of the DNC, no one from CNN. I guess a mic was just open. What’s the big hairy deal? The fucking balloons didn’t come down right. The dude was pissed. It was his job to be pissed.

Heheh. The (http://www.drudgereport.com/dnc.mp3) of it is absolutely hilarious.

Yes. Memo to FOX/CNN/MSNBC/GigandoCorporateNewsCom, Inc.: kindly fuck off. I watched PBS because:

  1. they didn’t cover up half the mother-effing screen with multicolored text crawls;

  2. they apparently selected commentators based on their ability to say something useful about the events they were witnessing, not on their appearance.

CNN could have turned off that sound feed within seconds of hearing it. I was totally stunned that they let it go on for so long… And putting the guy’s NAME on the screen? That shows they knew what was going on… Someone at CNN deserves to lose their job…

Then again, within seconds of Kerry finishing his speech, they interview the head of the Republican National Committee so he can try to rip it to shreds??

Seems to me CNN is so busy trying to prove they aren’t “liberal” that they’ve turned in to total assholes…

It’s not CNN’s job to cover up the DNCs mistakes, you know. Regardless, it was funny. It’s always a bit humorous to see live TV go balls-up, on occasion. Why else would so many watch Shep Smith, with his proclivity for saying funny and bleepable crap on TV?