I guess I have a complete lack of search mojo.

I’ve searched for two different threads today, one I haven’t found and one I found only after a long, drawn-out process that included far too many attempts to find what I was looking for. Why can’t I find threads all in a sudden? I’m not the greatest thread-spotter (or whatever term you deem more appropriate), but normally I’m competant.

Anyway, I guess to put a “point” into this thread, I was searching for a thread about a game where you tossed wads of paper into a trash can. The trash can moved, and there was a paper airplane to hit for bonus points.

I miss my searching abilities.


Thank you very much, ParentalAdvisory. Though I still lament that I needed to ask for help when I should have found it myself.


On a happier note (kind of), am I the only one who really, really wants a Marvin smiley?

It took me a couple of searches too, so don’t feel bad. I knew it was ‘cyr…_a…t…’ something… The search I used in google was “office trash game”, and it was still the fifth listing down at Milkandcookies.com