I had a dream...

last night. It’s a little hazy, but I was driving down a country road when all of a sudden a big tree is there across the road. It’s stripped of all its leaves
(like it’s winter), and the roots are all dirt-clotted. I whip the car around to the left, trying to avoid the massive trunk, and run the car through the branches. Then I woke up. Pretty strange, but not exactly frightening. I made it through!

Anybody have any cool dreams to share?

Interesting dream. :slight_smile: I shared my odd dream of the week in this thread.

How ironic would it be if Martin Luther King turned out to be an insomniac?

Says Ms. Claiborne

Are you sure you’re not Helen Hunt?

Are you sure you’re not Helen Hunt?

Did I miss something? :confused:

Might be a “Twister” reference… stumped me too Dolores.

Think Twister.

Think tree dropping in front of her vehicle.

Come one folks. This is the “A” material!

I had a dream two nights ago that’s still making me crazy.

I was kidnapped by MANCOW (a horrible horrible morning dj here in Chicago). And he dragged me to his house, stripped me to my underwear, tied a heavy rock and chain to my ankle and threw me in his pool where I sunk to the bottom. All of his listeners competed to have the right to bring me a tank full of seven minutes of air at a time…and while they were down there, they were free to abuse me in any way they wanted to.

When I finally struggled to the top of the pool I was encountered by an Angry Mancow Mob who would simply kick me in the chest every time I tried to climb out of the water.

I woke up so…pissed. And I mean, shaking like it had really happened. I HATE MANCOW. HATE HIM! What’s he doing in my subconscious?


Heh heh. Good one Zoom…

I keep dreaming that I am attending a party, or large convention type gathering attended only by women, and I am wearing nothing but a big smile.

No wait… I was awake.

Nevermind. :wink:

I had a really wierd dream a few nights ago. Without going into details, it involved the following
An airplane, someone shooting at us, forign pilots speaking not a word of english, the President (Prime Minister?) of France, Gumbo, A fancy nightclub situated in a trashy community college, and bad pastries

I had a dream Giant Barbies teamed up with kangaroos, and when about their way demolishing Indianapolis. Of course I killed them all with a sawed off shotgun.