I had an abortion and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

Say what?

Let’s not make this into an abortion debate, k?

Why would somebody want to broadcast something as personal as this? I thought abortion was between “a woman and her doctor.” If I ever have one (which in my case would mean I was going to die without one), the only people that’d know would be the Mr. and my doctor. Why? Because stuff like this is nobody else’s business.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t understand people who go around telling intensely personal stuff about themselves to total strangers. What happened to discretion? Why would somebody who has had an abortion choose to MAKE it everybody’s business by broadcasting it?

Sure, there’s a time and a place to tell things to friends and family – however I don’t see what a shirt like this is supposed to do. What are people who wear this expecting? High five’s from other women who see it and have had an abortion? “You go, girl!! Way to exercise those reproductive rights!”

Tacky, tacky, tacky.

It’s called “coming out”. It’s still legal to have an abortion (despite strenuous attempts on the part of the right-to-life movement to end that) but it’s been painted as something that’s horrible, something that even pro-choice folks speak of in terms of “well, I personally think abortion is horrid and disgusting and I’d never have one, but I don’t think the government should get involved, let it be between a woman and her physician”.

It’s a way of saying “Hi, I’m one of the people whose behavior you’re trying to criminalize”.

Me, I’ve never had one (no surprise given my sex) but I’ve helped perform one.

This must be in an RNC talking points email or something because I’ve seen this posted on about 6 different boards today.

One person’s tacky t-shirt is another person’s hilarious political statement. I’m not interested in getting into an abortion debate, either, but a strong argument could be made that the idea of being “ashamed” of having an abortion is another step on a slippery slope to outlawing the practice. After all, it is, currently, a legal procedure, and one can assume that woman who has one has few or no moral qualms about getting one. The first step to banning something you don’t like is to attach a social stigma to it. The first step to legalizing an unpopular practice is to remove that social stigma. By way of example, it’s worked pretty well so far for gay rights.

I also think this is pretty clearly a t-shirt you’d only wear to certain very select venues, such as pro-choice rallies and protests, which are by their nature confrontational. It’s certainly not something that ought to be worn casually, as abortion is a very sensitive subject, and many people would take offence to it, in situations where the wearer might not want to cause offence. And there are a lot of personal safety issues involved, too. The vast majority of pro-lifers are well-meaning, law abiding folks, but there’s a small but significant minority on that side of the debate who are not above using violence or even murder to advance their agenda, and a shirt like that might as well come with a big ol’ crosshair on the back.

All that aside, I can’t help but wonder if they’re available in men’s sizes.

Don’t you read Drudge?

Why do you give a fuck if a woman wants to a wear a shirt like this?

As for “personal information,” I son’t see it as being any diffrent than people who feel the need to stridently advertise their religious beliefs on t-shirts and bumper stickers. I don’t give a fuck if someone is “saved.” Why share it with me? That sounds a little personal to me. Maybe just a little TMI, you know?

This is America, though, so they can wear what you want. I suspect what really bothers you isn’t the fact that women might be confessing to having abortions but that they aren’t sorry.

Saw it on Drudge, but thanks for playing.

That basically proves cmason’s point, does it not?

I always laugh at people who need to add little attacks like that at the end of their posts. As if it’s some sort of verbal dagger that renders me incapable of further reponses to their point.

What’s even more bizarre is that in most instances people add such silly attacks when they have proven the other side wrong. And yet in this instance I correctly surmised that the source from which the OP got the information was somewhere within the conservative echo chamber.

Matt Drudge wikipedia entry:

To be fair though, it’s not altogether accurate to characterize The Drudge Report as “RNC talking points.” As Drudge is so quick to point out, “I’m crazier than those motherfuckers!” Err, I mean “I’m not a Republican, I’m Libertarian.”

Too late.

The very fact that you chose to criticize the shirt, and to call people who wear it “tacky, tacky, tacky” has already turned this into an abortion debate.

Because your position itself relies on certain beliefs and understandings about the nature of abortion, and those are beliefs and understandings that others might not share.

By saying what you’ve said, and then asking people not to turn it into an abortion debate, you’re effectively asking them to accept your worldview and to discount their own.

Not gonna happen.

I’ve had an abortion. If I got pregnant now, I’d have another one. I’m not ashamed of it. I’d probably wear that shirt to a pro-choice rally – I’d be less likely to wear it to a shopping mall. In my more openly political days, I would have worn it because I do not see exercising my legal choice as something I need to keep secret between me and my doctor.

How about one saying I took a crap an hour ago?

I’m sure some of us here could come up with funnier ones even. Just imagine wearing one of those to church, though, eh?


would it be more offensive for you if I wore it with my “Nuke a gay whale for Christ” button???

I thought for a second I was being whooshed, it just seemed a little I don’t mind the shirts, but generally, they seem to be in poor taste, the colors are horrible, but other than that…meh. Now you want a shirt that’ll provoke people, try THIS one.

Show me a church that’s trying to ban craptaking, then we’ll talk. :slight_smile:

One would think so, but there are quite a few women who are opposed to abortion in general who get abortions. I’ve learned this from my own experience as a client escort, anecdotes from other escorts, data from the women’s clinic that I escorted for, and various information sources like this.

And no matter what the OP says, this IS about abortion rights.

I meant the abortion shirt, but you may have known that. :slight_smile:

I think we need more shirts:

I’ve had a mastectomy.

I’ve had a hysterectomy.

I’ve had a vasectomy.

I’ve have a prostatectomy.
Frankly, I’m not sure any of these slogans are tasteful, but they all refer to medical procedures that some people dislike hearing about. But if people want to talk about their medical histories, or even announce them to the world, what’s so tacky about that (you’ve obviously never spent time in a nursing home–so-and-so’s latest medical procedure is a favorite subject, the more details, the better). I don’t know about the last one, but the first three are sometimes done voluntarily, so let’s not argue that they are different in that way from an abortion.

I’d rather see no woman need an abortion, but I’d rather have someone defiantly wear a t-shirt like this than feel shame over her decision. Miller mentioned the relationship between a social stigma and being able to outlaw something. This t-shirt takes a statement the anti-abortionists would like to see branded on women like a scarlett letter and turns it into a challenge. Not a badge of honor, but a statement of fact, and a dare to deny that right to anyone. It puts a face to the abstract pro-abortionist, and hopefully, having a face will make her more difficult to hate.