I had an LA Story moment

Or at least it felt like it!

I recently moved to the UK for a working holiday, and away from my boyfriend. We managed to catch up in Europe for a few weeks, but I had to come back to London early, while he stayed with his parents for a bit.

Last night he was due to transit through London on his way home, and I headed out to the airport even though I knew we would have only half an hour or so before he had to board his next flight, but knowing it was going to be my last chance for 6 months. On my way, delays and cancellations on the trains meant my 30 minute journey took an hour, meaning I was going to have 10 minutes with him at the most.

Almost trembling with rage and sadness at the unfairness of this, I arrived at the airport to find out that runway light failures at his ongoing destination had delayed his flight, and so he was being put on the same flight the next day. Now I know that logically I didn’t cause the light failure, but I can’t deny I felt like Steve Martin towards the end of LA story stopping the flight by causing a storm. All I know is that it meant that I got to spend 24 unexpected hours with him, which we both feel so lucky for.

We have plans about what we are going to do when I return, and know the importance of regular contact by phone and email (especially about MPSIMS!). But the next 6 months will be tough, and I don’t think there will be an easy way to get through this. Successful stories from other dopers will help reassure me here!

That’s pretty cool really.

I love it when things line up like that.

Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo

No wonder you’re gently orbiting the sun!