I had my first Dope-related dream last night- about RueDeDay

I had my first Dope-related dream last night.

In it, I had sprained my wrist, and I was trying to wash dishes with one hand and my teeth.

I gave up and posted on the Dope, saying, ‘Does anyone want to come wash my dishes?’

RueDeDay immediately volunteered, came over and washed my dishes, and filled my fridge with odd food.

I offered him rum, but he said he’d prefer off-brand soda, so we drank off-brand soda together.

Then we watched through a neighbor’s skylight as two strangers had kinky sex.

What do you think it all means?

I’m not very good at interpreting dreams, but I have to ask - What kind of odd food?

Pet food and assorted cheeses. And bottles of off-brand soda.

You’re just now dreaming about me? Why, I’ve been dreaming about you since we met. Some of them are real good dreams too. The kind where you wake up and you’re thirsty and your jammies are on inside-out and the pillow is hanging from the ceiling fan… uh… I mean I had that one dream and we were sitting in recliners in the art museum and nothing else happened.

And it’s kinda funny. I’ve had several (2) jobs as dishwashers. So if you need clean dishes, I am a professional.

Everybody dreams about Rue. He’s omnipresent–kinda like a god, but with more of a proclivity towards odd carbonated beverages. Ever read The Stand? Yeah, like that.