I had no idea boobs could do that

In case you were wondering, this is how you turn some boobs inside-out. NSFW:

That’s the oddest thing I’ve ever seen. Did that happen because those women had implants?

I’m scared. Is it… disturbing? Should I? Shouldn’t I? A clue?

Here is the brain bleach. There’s plenty for everyone.

Alice, it’s not disturbing, just strange. Keep the brain bleach handy just in case though. I’ve seen this once and don’t think I’ll be needing to remember it, so I bleached it away.

Ew. Well, I did not know they could do that, either. I don’t think I’ll go naked skydiving any time soon.

Thankfully, it appears the male junk is not thus affected.

I wish I still didn’t know they could do that. :-/

How can that not be painful? My boobs hurt just to squish them a little, I can’t imagine what skydiving would feel like.

It looks as if these things can potentially be used as suction cups… possibly for wall climbing?

I’m thinking the pic is faked. There are surprisingly few naked skydiving pics out there, but no others look like that,

Yeah… I have to say, I’m a little suspicious. That could be Photoshopped, though it’d be hard. Especially the woman on the right.

Not like that, no, but in a different, more entertaining kind of way :

The kid from the Nirvana album is all growed up. Plus the boobs like like space shuttle engines.

Naked skydiving sounds like a severe risk of windburn.

Those look like pretty old boobs. I doubt newer models have that feature, given there isn’t as much slack.

Seems to me that the photo just caught the boobs mid-flap. Like a flag in the wind. I’m pretty sure my relatively firm boobs would make a shape like that at some point in winds that strong.

The thing I really like about the word “boobs” is that it’s got two O’s in the middle.


Gonna need some brain bleach for that.

I would think it would be uncomfortable…

and just how comfortable would it be for poor Mr Happy and friends to be flapping in the breeze:eek:

What’s up with the veins on their legs?

It looks shrunken from the cold.