I had to effectively fire someone today...

… and I feel like a complete cunt because of it. :frowning:

Our wages budget has been “readjusted” by Head Office as a result of some budgetary jiggery-pokery relating to the End Of The Financial Year, with the result that we have been left without enough money to keep two of our staff employed.

Both of these guys have worked for us for ages- they’ve been in the store longer than I have, but since they’re only casuals they aren’t guaranteed permanent hours and until now, we’ve had enough money to keep them both in the store for for enough hours to cover for the days when the store manager or myself or whoever are on an RDO, or when someone calls in sick etc.

They’re both good workers and the store manager and I were pretty unhappy when we got the call from Head Office to readjust the rosters to reflect the new wage budget, and the remaining staff aren’t too happy either- they’re permanent staff, so they’re not affected by the loss of wages, but it basically means we all have to do a lot more work (ie 6 day weeks for the store manager and myself) for no extra pay.

The store manager told one of the affected staff yesterday, but since the store manager had today off to attend to some family things, I had to sit the other affected staff member down and basically say “Mate, I hate to be the one to do this, but we can’t give you anymore hours for the foreseeable future because we aren’t going to have the money to pay you.”

He wasn’t too happy about it (obviously) and understood that it really was a budgetary thing and that the store manager and I had zero input or so into it, but even so, I feel pretty shitty having to tell an otherwise decent bloke who has done nothing wrong that he’s basically out of a job because- well, because someone in Head Office changed some numbers on a spreadsheet and now the number in the “How much we have to pay people with” line is a lot smaller than it used to be for no readily apparent reason.

The store manager and I have said we’ll happily give both staff glowing references, and fortunately, they’re both still fairly young and won’t have any trouble getting other jobs, but that’s not the point, and it doesn’t make having to let them go any easier.

Apparently the wage budgets will sort themselves out in the new Financial Year (so we’re told), but everyone knows there’s about as much chance of that happening as there is me being crowned Emperor of Japan, so the store manager and I are preparing for more staff to leave in the coming weeks.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty crappy right now- yes, I know it’s Business, and these things happen- but even so, it’s not the best way to start your weekend, especially when you’ve been working closely for months with the people you’ve just had to let go with little more than a handshake and a “Good luck and thanks” to show for all their hard work. :frowning:

You poor thing. A cloud over your weekend. Mm mm mm.

Well, at least you didn’t ineffectively fire anyone

It is never fun to let someone go. No fun when they deserve it, even less so when it is a budget issue.

Stinks to lose good people, and more so when you have to be the one to do it. Does it help any to know it wasn’t your choice?

Also stinks to have to put in that much more unpaid time. Yuck!

A wee bit, but I still don’t feel very good about it.

This is the kind of stuff that makes my blood boil. It’s not just business. It’s outright hostile stupidity. Some guy in a suit in some room in a city 5 miles away who has never met any of the people he’s firing can effectively destroy someone’s life on a whim, who did nothing wrong. The people who make the stupidest decisions are never the ones that are affected by them!

and at least you weren’t effectively fired

Yet. I wouldn’t trust them not to start looking for excuses to get rid of the permanent staff if things don’t improve.

Can you check if any other branches need a casual? I remember when I worked retail the casuals got shuffled around as needed.

I was in the position of getting fired like that once. There was no problem with my work, but the store wasn’t meeting budget and as a casual I was the most expensive. We hired floorspace from Myer and only ever needed one person working at a time, so there were only three people to choose from. One was the manager (full time), the other had been working there for many years (part time), and I was the obvious choice to be let go. It was part of the risk I took when I signed on as a casual, and there were no hard feelings.

It sucks that the surviving staff have essentially had a pay cut. When some of the staff quit maybe you could try to hire back the guys who were fired. Though I don’t know how enticing that would be, given that it sounds like they’ll be offered less money for more work. Good luck, I hope things improve soon.

Ahh… Temporary austerity measures…
Is it just me, or are others reading this wondering how many assistants, or management, back at the home office have been let go for the same reason? Or is it only happening at the retail establishments?

“Yes, let’s get rid of 20% of the workforce on our retail level. They don’t do anything for us. I’m sure that it won’t affect our income, at all. We can just make the salaried people stretch further. And this way we won’t have to give up any vital services here at HQ.”

You weren’t sitting next to us at the pub after work yesterday evening, were you? :smiley:

No need. :wink:
To say I have authority issues is about the same degree of understatement as to say that the Kursk had a little problem with noise during its last sortie. It’s just an automatic suspicion on my part.