I hate being sick


This is like the 5th viral thingy I’ve had since xmas. I keep picking these things up from hospital. So far I’ve had the eye thingy (viral pink-eye, nice), the stomach thingy (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea), the head thingy ( blocked sinuses, runny nose) the chest thingy (cough and phlegm and yuck) and currently the all-in-one bonanza (headache, runny nose, rigours, fever, joint and muscle pain, sore throat).

It’s worse than usual because, instead of working on one or two wards and being exposed to maybe 20 patients, in the run-up to finals I have maybe 6 tutorials a days, on six different wards everyday, so am exposed to several hundred patients in the course of a week, patients who all have coughs, colds, sinus infections, 'flu or the dreaded norovirus.

No sooner am I well enough to go back into hospital, than I’m sick again.

I’ve decided my time may well be better spent at home, with my books, reading the lecture/tutorial notes on the web and only going in to see patients in the two weeks running up to the exams.

I love medicine, I love patients, I hate being sick!

I am so with you on that! I’ve got the sinus/cough thing going on now - for the second time since Christmas - and am on antibiotics for an ear infection. I’m sleeping on the couch because Mr. SCL is a private duty RN for a quadriplegic patient and he sure can’t get sick!

Just think how strong your immune system is becoming. Every time I change jobs, I’d be sick for the first month or so then never again. Until I went to another hospital :rolleyes: