I hate Chinese people.

And the worst thing is … people think I am Chinese.

I am actually not… My grandmother is Japanese and I am originally from South Korea.

I am not being racist but I HATE CHINESE CULTURE AND PEOPLE.

They are rude, smelly and loud. They never seem to care about nature making too much pollution too many people, and crazy environment!! In Korea, you get polluted dirty dust from China sometimes and it affects your health negatively as you can imagine.

Also many times, they do fraud / copy other stuff without any guilty!

These things annoys me all the time. Now I am in Europe and I see many Chinese people here. THEY ARE MAKING A NEGATIVE IMPRESSION ON ASIAN PEOPLE! AND EUROPEAN PEOPLE CANT RECOGNIZE WHO IS FROM CHINA / JAPAN / KOREA. They think everyone is the same! SO SIMPLY call them to Chinese.

As I said before. Chinese people just make me to hate them. Every time when people talk about me and say I am Chinese, I feel like I wanna go back to my country where I never get any bad experience like this.

The sad thing is that design is not that popular in Korea. (People do not care about design that much. Well, more precisely they are more fond of commercial designs than artistic designs which I am doing.)

So that is the reason why I am in Europe. Because artistic products seem to get better respect from people who buy it.

I started to hate being Asian and Chinese people. They annoys me and make so many racist.

Now, I really feel depressed. There are many racist people in my company and sometimes make fun of me. They just don’t like me as who I am and just don’t even try to talk to me looking at me like a strange alien.

I hate that I look alike with Chinese people. I will be very appreciate with any opinions or advice. Thanks.

Reported for trolling.

안녕히 가세요

I fought the ignorance and the ignorance won.


Yumm, let this be known to you that topics liked this can be seen as trolling, so I’d think twice about it before you make any others like this. If you are truly upset or mad at a person or group or want to complain about them, start the thread in the BBQ Pit, as there is no way a topic like this will be taken to kindly.

So I’m moving this thread to the Pit for reasons that should be obvious.

www.alllooksame.com test

Can you tell just by looking who is French, German, Swiss, American, Canadian, British?

Good answer. And thats true. I cant tell it exactly where they are from. BUT THE THING IS I (Asians) dont talk all Europeans to Russian or American. That is the difference…

Huh? Also, if you are prone to outbursts such as this, some co-workers may not be avoiding you due to your assumed nationality.

I must second the Huh?

thats why I am asking why?

Not that I don’t enjoy a good pile on, but based on the OPs previous two threads, my armchair diagnosis is he needs some professional help and should be strongly encouraged/forced to get some.

Are you writing this in your native language and using Google translate?

I think he’s saying that Chinese people are giving Asians a bad name because Europeans can’t distinguish Chinese people from other Asians and they have created a negative stereotype for all Asians in general. Although he can’t distinguish Europeans apart either, he doesn’t stereotype all Europeans based on how Russians or Americans (presumably Americans of European ancestry) act.

That’s my interpretation and I’m sticking to it.

He should, though.
Russians are jerks.

You sound Chinese.

“I’m not racist but… I’m racist”

If we could post pictures in this forum, I’d put that as a caption on that History Channel guy for you, Yumm.

you’ve got a good understanding skill. Yes that’s right!

PLUS Chinese people are not my ancestor either. They are han and Koreans are Mongoloid. Of course they are mixed in the past but originally we are different