Have an opinion? Don't share it online...

…unless it is politically correct! Otherwise you may be subjected to narrow-minded people thrusting their beliefs at you as if they were some totem that can chase away the evil spirits! I made the tragic error of stating my opinion in this thread. Personally, I think I explained my opinion very well. Please read it and then come back…

Done? Good! Now we’re all on the same page. I said all of those things. The first post I made was one I whipped out in about 3 minutes. Mostly, my reaction to Astroboy’s situation. What he experinced is not out-of-the-ordinary in Korea. I saw it all too often while there. It’s one of the little aspects about Korea I find so very charming. :rolleyes: Just my opinion… Not even a particularly strong one. Then I read the two follow on posts. Astroboy asked me to explain. And please note: he did agree that many of the things I find repugnant are true. I didn’t make em up out of whole cloth. But then he asked me why I hated Korea. And the truth is I don’t hate the place. I severely dislike the place. Hate means you have to invest some heavy emotion. But I can see how my OP might have come across that way. So I explained. It’s not hate. It’s shake-your-head-at-the-sad-state-of-affairs-of-the-Korean-nation. Much like a great deal of them feel about America. Enough said, I thought.

Lo and behold! Instead chastising me on the thread, certain individuals decide to bushwhack me in the #StraghtDope chat room. Suddenly I have 12 people all yelling at me because I “Hate Koreans”! Gasp But that’s okay… I love a good argument. I’ll argue with anyone, anytime. Try me :slight_smile: At least it beats sitting in the chat room going: “fart” “heh… he said fart”, etc.

So I said Fuck Korea? Big Fuckin Deal? Lot’s of people hate France! I don’t see ya breakin out the tar and feathers for them. But then, and this takes the Chicken Shit of the Year Award, some asshole kick/bans me! Why? because I hold an opinion that is contrary to what you think? Or is it something else? Is it that we as a society have been so trained to hate bigotry and intolerence that it is we who have become intolerant? “He said ‘Fuck Korea!’ He must be one of them BIGOTS we hear about on Jerry Springer! Let’s get him! Get a rope!” Suddenly everyone has decided that since I don’t like Korea, why, I must hate every Korean! They are imposing their idea of who I am on me and demanding that I recant! I am suddenly EVIL! OMG! I must be the Poster Boy for the Aryan Nation Annual Hate March and Family Picnic. :eek:

Just for the record, although I don’t know why I am bothering… I am not some militant neo-nazi KKK freak. Just a guy who lived a year in Korea as the Koreans do and decided that the place is pretty fucked up. And I don’t need you to love me. I’m here to pass the time, like all the rest of you. So you wanna flame me, let’s take it to the Pit. Where it belongs. But kick/banning just because you can? Pussy.

Please use words with more than four letters.

“Nothing gives a person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.”
-Thomas Jefferson

Ya big baby, you posted an unpopular opinion in The Pit and got your ass flamed for it.

Deal with it boy, you will live your life longer if you realize that your opinion on Korea was pretty fucked up in many people’s eyes.

My God, I know people with stronger backbones that can’t even sit up straight.

Ummm, Eusabian, we don’t talk about #straightdope on the boards.

The official position is that the IRC channel and the message boards are separate entities. Issues brought up in chat are not discussed on the SDMB. Trust me, this is a good thing.


Hank Scorpio: Homer, what’s your least favorite country, Italy, or France?
Homer: France.
Hank Scorpio: No one ever says Italy.

Sorry, I’m a newbie. I didn’t agree with them bringing board stuff into the chatroom. I posted this because I obviously pissed a LOT of people off. And they wern’t flaming me in the Pit about something I said in the Pit… That’s where ya get it right? In the Pit?

:slides spinelessly out of the chair:

Well, you seem to have posted looking to be persecuted for your “politically incorrect” views. After that, it was sorta a self-fulfilling prophecy. Personally, I think that if you need to say something like “you’ll probably all think I’m a racist, but…” you should tone it down.

And it’s also a good idea in general to keep chat stuff off the boards, as many of us don’t really give two shits about what happens in chat.

And, to bump up the letter per word average on this post in accordance with your wishes, I’d like to point out that it is preferable to criticize cultural idiosyncracies without engaging in unnecessary floccinaucinihilipilification.


Face it, son.
The boards and the chat are in no way run by the same people. Therefore, those who run the chat can do whatever they damn well please and you can’t commarunnin’ bitching about it here. These boards are run by The Chicago Reader and the chat us run by Dopers. Take it up with the Dopers, you whinning sack of howling monkey feces!

As for your other thread…
What did you expect?! You portrayed yourself as a bigot and just expected to showered with praise. Er, it don’t happen that way, kiddo. There is a difference in severity when someone says, “I do not like going to France” and when someone says “France is a shithole”. Catch my drift? No? I didn’t think you would.

And would you address the Doper you have the beef with young’un? You know, the one you elegantly and called a “Pussy” for his actions. It would make sense in a Pit Rant. Oh, but wait… Chat and Boards are two seperate things… Quitcher Bitchin’ you sniviling rectal wart of a toad. If you do not like how things were hnadled, it’s called an IM, use it fucknut. Don’t drag our asses through your whinning and kicking just because you did not get your way. Jesus Christ, I feel sorry that our server has to put up with this shit from people like you.

I hope your penis falls off in your sleep and you lose it in between your covers, you bigoted stenchbag.

And enough said, I thought, too! FTR: Most of what Eusabian said is true, and he left a lot of things unsaid that might have been mentioned… there IS a reason that bridges and buildings collapse here: the place is absolutely rife with corruption and graft, etc.

But, Eusabian when you post something that could come across as hatred; you should be sure to immediately explain exactly what you meant! Other wise you’re just asking for it!

Damn, you are a newbie aren’t you.

No, the boards and chat are two separate entities, however stuff you say here will filter into chat…but the next time you decide to say such stupid shit, be sure you will be discussed, slammed and you bowels just might end up strewn along the sidewalk.

I don’t go into chat anymore but I am sure that this thread is definately a topic over there. You will be placed upon the guillotine of the SD Chat and your head chopped off. I like many that frequent there and there’s a few I don’t like much but often SDMB threads are points of conversation there. So deal with it.

If you want to be respected, want people to like you, then don’t say stupid shit, it’s that simple.

waterj2; HUH?

  • Astroboy grumbles and wanders off looking for a dictionary…*

Here’s one: http://www.m-w.com

OK, I’ll make it even easier, it’s the act of estimating something as worthless. A great word to work into conversation for fun, as it’s a bit silly to make you look really pedantic. I believe it was invented by British private school students by combining four Latin words for “nothing”, I think in an attempt to make it deliberately preposterous. Somehow, it’s actually become recognized as a real word.

waterj2, I cut and pasted your word into my Webster’s and got nowhere; then I tried the link you posted and still got nowhere… did you spell it right?

The last time I heard someone say floccinaucinhilipilification it was by a gentleman with pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Just how often do you use this word?

[sub]And Dr. Paprika wins the bout of scrabble with a octaple word score.[/sub]

Jesus Christ, this place just needs to implode on itself once in a while doesn’t it?

First, forget about the “there is chat, and there is SDMB and never shall the twain meet” shit. Thats bullshit, and many of those in this thread have more baggage than anyone wants to waste a single brain cell on.

I was in chat, ignoring the bulk of the discussion and not participating since I don’t usually frequent the pit. But i followed most of the bickering.

Yeah, and most of us don’t give two shits about Korea or about some of the forums as a whole, but that doesn’t mean we should dictate that they are not to be discussed. There’s no reason that personal relationships outside the SDMB aren’t, shouldn’t be, or are not welcome to be discussed on it. Lets face it, chatters, groups of IRL friends, people from the AOL board, people from alt.fan.cecil and so on have inside jokes, personal relationships, and non-SDMB related interactions here. The type of personal nature of threads is what keeps alot of people here at all. So banning chat related things from the MB is ignorant, get your head out of the sand.

And if he’s been kick-banned from chat what better way to address Dopers than on the Straight Dope Message Board? This is a silly comment. You speak as if he’s here asking for the intervention of the Moderators or something.

Well, I’m sure he’ll be by, maybe the point isn’t about the typical pit “you’re a goat felching ass bubble” type thread. He could name call, but then this becomes a popularity pissing match. Who wants that? Its about the principle.

To the point:

The question in the pit was phrased to illicit a response, and it would probably piss people off because of the tone. He stepped back and rephrased his opinion in a more specific and fact based way. And he stood by his opinion. I can respect that, and I honestly don’t care what his opinion is. When people asked him what his intent was he calmly explained himself without apologizing.

The part that pisses me off is that people in chat and the thread decided to stop listening and be reactionary. Pissing and moaning, being mean and spiteful with some never taking the time to offer anything intelligent or thought out into their retorts. Just idle name calling. Then banning him, when he wasn’t being a asshole or a troll, just sticking to his guns, was way out of line. Sure chat is usually pretty inane, and I like it that way, but theres no reason one person’s voice should be shut out cause one of his comments disagreed with you.

I’m neutral in the topic of the debate, and I’m a hell of alot closer to those of you who were against him than I am to him since I just first read a post by him an hour ago. But I hope you’ll at least listen to me when I tell you that you were out of line. You can hate him, you can think he’s a troll, a racist, a xenophobe, or an ignorant newbie. But you all should apologize for kick-banning him. And I think you were rude for ambushing him when you had no intention of being objective.

My opinion on the subject. If he turns out to be an asshole, thats fine, but you ought to be civil to him. God knows I am when I’d rather not be.

FTR, I was in the chat room when da bidnezz went down. I didn’t say much during the argument - just a comment or two. I just wanted to point out that it wasn’t a chatroom-wide conspiracy to ban you. One person got pissed off and took action on his own. After you left, the general reaction was “Wow, that was a little harsh.” No one was too upset, though.

Listen - given the general board history, seeing a newbie pop in and post comments that could very easily interpreted as racist is not a good idea if you want to be around for a while. Just so you know.

Well, guess you learned a lesson here- I know you’re kinda backin away from sayin you hate Koreans, and I don’t care one way or the other. I got no feelings for 'em myself. might have known some, don’t know.
But I’m gonna use the word hate here, ok?

Listen, all people are herd animals part of the time. Some are herd animals all of the time. Herd animals like things easy. The less thinking the better.

You pissed some of these off tonight. It’s not non-pc to hate, ya just gotta pick the allowable pc hating targets. Like bigots, f’r instance. See, in pc world, it’s (get this) ok to hate people who hate, because they hate.

See? Pc is kinda hard to get a grasp on, but you’ll get it I’m sure. One good way is to stop thinking for yourself, join the herd 24/7.

This is what I’ve said so far in this post:
All people would rather not do their own thinking sometimes.
Some people would rather not do their own thinking at all.
You pissed some of these people off tonight.
In pc land, it’s ok to hate certain allowable targets- one of which is people who hate.

Please note the things I didn’t say- because no doubt, many things will be ascribed to me shortly.

Now, sit back and watch the shit fly, and learn what you will.


This thread is bound to get locked, chat related threads always do. I don’t know that I agree with the reasoning behind that, but that is neither here nor there.
If Eusabian was being neither a jerk nor a troll in the chat room. Banning him was really low, and he should be apoligized for. His opininion might not be popular. Hell, it might not even be well thought out. I don’t care either way. That doesn’t even give him a chance to tell his side of the story, or to tell him why he was wrong.

This is the kind of crap that gives chat a bad name. It should be a fun place jsut to shoot the shit. It shouldn’t be a place were a guy is ambushed for expressing an opinion in the pit. And he should be given a chance to explain himself without being banned.

If Omni’s version of events are true. And, he is an impeccable source for the truth. So, I have no doubt that they are. I say people certainly do owe Eusabian an apology.

Eusabian, I hope you come back to chat. I am not real sure about your opinion in this matter. I hope people next time give you a better chance to explain yourself, and to tell you why they think you are wrong. I haven’t read through your explanation for your original comments, but they were rather harsh, and seemed hateful. But, that really isn’t the point of my comments here.


Wanted to fix this typo. Should be apoligized to. Not for.

That changes what I was trying to say. The rest of the typos are ok, they just make me look dumb, don’t change my point.


This is a stupid thread, started by a stupid person, about stupid things. I have not seen so much stupidity at one time in my whole life. This is extra-concentrated stupidity. If black holes were made of stupid, well, this would be one serious black hole.

I will say this, and I will be done:

It is my sincere belief that everyone in chat was either happier, or indifferent after I banned this character for a grand total of about 60 seconds. A lifetime, of course, apparently even in Omniscient’s eyes.

Regardless, this is stupid. Stupid stupid. The ban was gone almost as fast as it was put there, and this is irrelevant.