I hate everything and everybody!!!

That is all.


Yeah, well you don’t have to be so fucking happy about it arsehole! :smiley:

Have a nice day Weirddave!!
Take care out there
And just remember…

Jesus loves you!

I love you

Come on every body, let’s all send Dave the Care Bear Stare.

Hatred can be a force for good, if applied correctly:

Send all your hated money to me ASAP, and you’ll be shut of it!:smiley:

And your wimmins… and any valuable possessions… you get the idea!

Eh. The feeling’s mutual.

I’m sure this must come as a huge surprise to Ginger.


I feel sorry for all you people that WeirdDave hates, it must be so …



Well intercourse him then.

Even Sabrina?

Hey Dave, you motherfucker, that’s MY line.

You do realize that everything includes Baltimore and the Ravens, right?

Even me?

Eat it. Yer Mom. And assorted other things.

Rysdad. Geeze, it’s hard to hate a puppy with a teddy. I may have to rethink my new life philosophy.

ditto, Dave

What’s not to hate?

I fucking hate negative people! Lighten up, you bastards!! Do you know what else I hate?? I hate you godforsaken shitheads who can’t say a goddam thing without swearing!! Yeah! You cocksucking pottymouthed pricks piss me off!!

I feel so special! :slight_smile:

me too!

ya bastards! lol…(whew, I just had to vent)

Maybe this is a plea to bring back Ugly Kid Joe?