I hate people

I hate people that drive too fucking slow.
I hate people talk at the stop light with another driver and don’t notice the light is green.
I hate people that talk out there ass about shit they know nothing about.
I hate people so far on the left that they make the rest of the liberals look bad.
I hate people so far on the right the they make the human race look bad.
I hate people who are “My way or the highway”.
I hate people that can’t get my order right.
I hate people that can’t or refuse to see the other side to an argument.
I hate people that repeat themselves. hee
I hate people that just don’t get it.
I hate people that start stupid threads.
I hate people that rate rants.

Fuck off.

I hate people that hate people for no reason other than they are different than them.

I hate people.
Well, maybe not hate, but I’m not terribly fond of some of them.

But I do hate myself.

I find solace in that.

I agree.

Boy-O! I’d invite you out for a beer and a sandwich, but you’d probably hate that, too. :rolleyes:

Enjoy your primordial ooze of wrath. Give or take a few millennia, you’ll be crude oil, unlikely the sweet grade, though. :eek:

I hate overly negative people :smiley:

Beer and sammiches are a protected class, I cannot and will not hate them.

In fact, I love 'em.

I hate people that are hypocrites. :stuck_out_tongue:

I give this rant a 4.

I hate navel lint.

Love to hate 'em?


Being more than a bit of a misanthrope myself, I’ll give this rant a hearty “Right on!” :smiley:

Unless the sammich has mustard on it.

I hate mustard.

(There’s a reason why they named a deadly poisonous gas after it, ya know.)

I say kill them all!

You may have something.

Hate leads to the Dark Side. Hopefully you’ll at least get a cool outfit.

Reminds me of something that happened to me:

I was driving home from my fast-food job the other day. I was kind of in a bad mood because I had fouled up a lot of orders that day. As I slowly pulled up to a red light, I noticed my friend was driving the car right next to me. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio, so I turned it down and rolled down my window to chat with my friend. I asked him how he would rate a thread I saw on SDMB the other day. I really didn’t know much about the subject, but I told him how I thought my hero, Jessie Jackson, would have rated it. My friend disagreed, but I really didn’t understand where he was coming from, so I just said “To hell with you, then!”. And just to be sure, I said again “Did you hear me? I said to hell with you!” I really hate that guy. All of a sudden, I realized that the light had been green for about 30 seconds.

**It was you!

You sombitch!**

I hate the Baby Jesus I like to make him Cry[sup]TM[/sup].

Next thing you know he’s going to come in ranting about bad basketball refs.

Just wait.

Shut up!